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LOSE MUFFIN TOP FAT in 14 Days | 10 minute Home Workout


Are you ready for this challenge? This is your 14 day Muffin Top challenge. It’s a 10 minute workout that I want you to do every single day for 14 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. If you want to take on the full challenge you can download this 14 day home workout guide right here and basically it has four workouts every single day.

Up to 45 minutes long, there are Q&As there’s free recipes, a journal, guys seriously you don’t want to miss out so download that right there. Also tag me in your Instagram stories if you want a chance of being featured. But before we get started, this is big our first ever black Friday sale and you can get up to 50% off of my resistance.

Bands this Friday so save the date, Friday the 27th 7:00 p.m. GMT that’s UK time literally just chuck it into Google for what time that is wherever you are in the world because it is world wide shipping you guys, up to 50% off, that literally blows my mind I can’t believe we are offering you this. So please be ready, remember last time these babies here sold out in eight minutes,.

Set your alarm, I actually recommend setting a few alarms, be ready you can buy them individually these four here with up to 25% off but if you’re buying bundles it’s over 50% off, it’s actually 51% off and this is the little bag that they come in, there you go so the long bands come in this beautiful bag here.

And then the other bands come in their cute little in this bag here, the gray and this is the original, I’m so proud of this baby. Both of them have motivational quotes on the front. I’m actually going to read them to you now, the moment you’re ready to quit is the moment a miracle is about to happen. Let’s do this.

And then this one was chosen by you girls. The best project you’ll ever work on is yourself. So you’ll be seeing these in action throughout pretty much all of my live workouts, also some of my other workouts as well. These are my adjustable bands, they feature in black and aqua, it’s literally three bands in one so depending on the strength that you need, medium, strong.

Extra strong, you make it tighter or looser, depending on the workout that you’re doing and the exercise you’re doing. And then these are my hip bands. These are two different strengths, you have the strong in black and the extra strong in purple rose, which by the way is a killer, oh my gosh, I’m so excited, up to 50% off.

These babies come in three strengths right here, medium in aqua, strong in black and extra strong in purple rose and you’re going to use these for all your exercises upper body, lower body, core and depending on the exercise you’re doing determines the resistance that you’re going to need so please don’t think that this is always the easiest, sometimes you are really going to.

Need these you guys because it actually makes it harder having a lower resistance for a lot of core work. These babies are returning, they sold out in eight minutes last time so just please be ready 7:00 p.m. GMT UK time on Friday, this Friday the 27th. And we’re going to keep the sale going until stocks last. However guys, our audience is 500,000 people bigger.

Than it was the last time we sold so just be ready. I love you guys. Let’s work out. So starting off on our side I want your core really, really nice and tight from there you’re going to lift the leg up then crunch the elbow to knee keeping that core tight, engaging those stomach muscles, okay.

So guys, you have 50 seconds on each exercise 10 seconds recovery it’s going to be a gradual burn. Trust me, you are going to be on fire. 10 seconds come on keep pushing. Amazing work. Now we’re coming in to our first side, right one foot on top of the other if you can, from here, you’re going to dip the hip down then touch the elbow down towards the hand,.

Dip and touch follow those modifications if you need to guys okay, do not give up. Come up all the way through nearly there you guys come on keep pushing one more. Amazing work. Coming down now all the way into lying we’re going to go with speed side crunches, okay.

So nice and high, side to side let’s go, keep that chin tucked to the chest, keep looking forward and breathe you guys. Come on, keep pushing just 20 seconds left. You have got this. 10 seconds you guys. Amazing work. You’re now going to hook the left ankle over the right knee, place the left hand.

Out to the side, you’re going to try and come up elbow to knee, you’ll be using the hand or not, if you’re strong enough, go without if you need a bit more support push through that hand, come on guys you can do it. Doesn’t matter what level you’re at just keep pushing you’ve got this.

Amazing work. Straight onto the other side you’re going to hook that ankle over, again if you need that little bit of support pop the hand down and just go as far as you can, okay. Come let’s work. 15 seconds. Come on keep pushing, just a few more. Amazing work.

All the way down into lying. We’re now going to go with eight bicycles into eight dead bikes so it’s eight rotations and then eight straight. Let’s go, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Now straight, drop the head down if you need to, okay, but do not stop.

And rotate. 15 seconds. Amazing work. Staying down now you guys, you’re working on your left side only you’re going to crunch and then reach to the toe. 10 seconds left. Okay, we’re halfway we’re going to change sides. Amazing work.

Turning onto the other side now we’re going to even you out we have just a few exercises left all the way down. Okay let’s go. Lift and crunch guys you’re nearly there. Come on, keep pushing. 15 seconds squad, 15 seconds.

Amazing work. Onto your forearm now or your hand depending on where you’re more comfortable and pick the level that suits you, one foot in front of the other, one on top of the other and we have our hip dips. Control this movement you guys, come on just one exercise left after this,.

You’re nearly there. 20 seconds. 15, come on push, push, push. Amazing work. Your last exercise is going to be a modified boat hold, okay. Follow me, roll back to where you really feel that core kicking in and relax those shoulders.

Let that core do the work. Breathe, enjoy the music good, eight seconds left here then we lift the legs up if you can, three, two, one, legs up and now we’re going to run it home. Come on all they way. 20 seconds, come on. Guys you absolutely smashed it.

Please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button. Isn’t it crazy how 10 minutes can make an insane difference. And for those of you who are going to be shopping my bands, please check the description box, it gives you my website but it’s basically super easy, save that date Friday the 27th, 7:00 p.m. GMT UK time.

Chuck it into Google, that will tell you what time it is wherever you are around the world. Okay my body is in pieces you guys I’ve filmed so much. So anyway I’m going to have my protein now, Optimum Nutrition, you guys know I am obsessed with this brand. See you tomorrow for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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