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LOSE MUFFIN TOP FAT in 10 Days (love handles) | 10 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is to lose muffin top fat. Lose love handles. It’s just ten minutes long. No equipment need, and I want you to commit for ten days. Do this for ten days in a row, and let me know how you get on, in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to combine this withmy cardio workouts, to get the best results. Let’s do this. Starting on your side, with you feet together. Finger tips are by your temples. Crunch up and hold for a second. Then come back down. Really working into the waist here. Squeezing the stomach muscles. You don’t have to lift your hand, if you don’t want to. It just makes it a little bit harder.

Your hair human. It’s in my face! Good work. Lie all the way down. Legs are long across the mat. Come up into a sit up. Reach to the ankle, then reach to the outside of your foot. Let’s go. Changing sides. Good work. From there, bend both knees. Come up into a nice, high crunch. We’re going to do ankle reaches. Side to side. Good work. Lower down. We are now going to do obliques and lower abs. Working into the love handles. Make a diamond shape underneath your lower back.

As we come up into a reverse crunch, we straighten the legs, then open and close. The reverse crunch is at an angle, so that we hit the obliques. We are going to combine an oblique twist, with a side crunch. Reach for your ankle, then coming across the body. Really crunching here. Changing sides, let’s go. Good work. I’m going to even you out on that first exercise. Swing your legs around. Legs are in line with your butt. Feet together. Forearm down. From there, crunch up and do a second hold. Then come back down again.

Great, onto your back now. We are going to do some rotations. Both legs are up. We’re going to put the arms out to the side. Drop your legs over. Turn that core on to bring yourself back into neutral. Try and keep the lower back as flat as possible. When you are bringing your legs back. No overarching. you told me I’m your anchor I told youyou’re my ball little women fire we Hands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back. Flutter kick, then heel tap. Let’s go. Up into sitting. Your lower abs, as well as your obliques should be really starting to burn! Roll back, reach across the body, then back again.

Really rotating, working into the muscles in your waist. Lift the opposite leg if you can. Nearly there! 12 seconds. We are doing bicycles. On the fifth, hold. Now, as fast as you can! All the way to the end. 15 seconds! Teddy has asked if you wouldn’t mind subscribing. Also, smashing the thumbs up button. It really supports our channel. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on daily uploads! Don’t forget to keep us posted on the next 10 days, and how you go in the comments below. Bye!.

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