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LOSE LOWER ABS FAT in 14 Days | 5 minute Home Workout Program


Today’s home workout is a lose lowerabs fat in just 5 minutes, for 14 days. All you got to do, is commit for two weeks and I can guarantee you’re going to see a difference. No equipment, 5 minutes. Let’s do this. Start by flattening the back into the mat. Really strong core. Both arms are up. Both legs are up. Straighten your legs and arms. Opposite arm to leg. Keep your lower back flat. Breathe. From there, come up into sitting. Roll back to where you feel your core engaging. Russian twist, Russian twist, then punch across the body.

Let’s go. Good work. Sitting high on your butt bones. Legs are long in front of you. Roll back. Feel your abs engage. Hover the right leg. We’re going to crunch in, then we’re going to reach across. Changing sides. Good work. This is our last exercise in sitting. Roll back, and feel your core. Pump the arms up and down. If you want to make it really hard, lift your legs as well. Come on, you’ve got this! Pull your core in tight. Breathe.

Good work. Lengthen your legs. Roll all the way down. Bring your arms over your head. Take a deep breath in. On the breath out, come up into sitting. Then reach for your toes. Slowly back down again. Good work. Both knees bent, bring them up. Roll up into a crunch. Straighten the legs out as you pump your arms. Then draw your legs back in again. The lower you straighten your legs, the harder it is for your lower abs. Good work. Hands in a diamond shape. This is your last exercise. Put your hands underneath your lower back. Lower your legs down, as far as you can. Flex your feet, and hold. Hold strong for me. Pull that core in tight. This exercise is shorter. 15 seconds left.

Come on, you can do it! Core tight. Don’t forget, you’re doing that workout for 14 days straight. That’s another day down. I am so proud of you! Please do smash that thumbs up button also hit subscribe. Comment down below to let us all know how you’re getting on! We’re all here to support each other. Well done! See you tomorrow.

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