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LOSE LOVE HANDLES and BELLY FAT in 14 Days | Home Workout


Today’s home workout is to lose lovehandles and belly fat in 14 days. You are going to get results if you commit to this for just 2 weeks, 10 minutes a day. You can get results, like these girls! Literally, these transformations are amazing! No equipment needed. Let’s get stuck in. Starting off by imprinting the spine into the mat. Come up into a bicycle crunch position. Drop the left arm out to the side. You’re then going to straighten your leg out, and bring it back in again. Keeping the tension on the outer abs. The obliques. Hold your leg straight and you’re going to pump it up and down.

We’re going straight onto the other side. The right arm out to the side. Double leg table top. Lower back if flat on the mat. Rotate up and across. Then straighten your leg. Now, keep your leg straight. Lift and lower. Good work! Keep pushing. All the way. Drop your legs down. Support the head with your right hand. Reach to the left ankle, then across to the right knee. So it’s here, then here. Let’s do this. Change sides. Nice and high in the crunch. You should be feeling that into your waist. Just in case your not…

Take the leg over to the left, I want the arm out by the side. Straighten out the upper leg. Crunch in. Lifting the upper body. Then lift your leg. Let’s go. Crunch, and lift. From there back onto your back for me. We are doing a bicycle. But we’re going to hold on fifth count. Elbow to opposite knee. On the fifth one, we hold. Core tight. We can do this! Five, lower your leg and lift. Continue. Good work. The burn is really starting to kick in! Next exercise is scissors. Double leg table top. Support your head.

Tap your toes down. Keep the core tight. Then straighten your leg, out to the floor. Alternating sides. Breathe. Think about your lower abs. Tap down and straighten. You can do it! You’re over half way. Swinging your body around onto the other side. The right arm come out. From there, hover the left leg. We’re going to crunch in and then we’re going to lift the leg. Lifting that upper body as you crunch.Really concentrating on these muscles here. As we lift the leg, we are going to crunch as well. Good work, from here, come up into a plank position.

We are going to do see-saws. This is one of my favorite exercises for pulling into my waist. Good work. Next exercise is down on our back. Create a diamond shape with the hands. Place them under your lower back. Come up into a crunch if you can. Lower your legs as far as you can. Flex the feet. Flutter kicks. 10 seconds, then we heel tap. Now we heel tap. And tap, come on all the way! Core tight. Bonus exercise, then we are done. Roll back to where we feel our core.

Bring the legs up and rotate your body. Then punch fast eight times. Drop a like if you enjoyed this video and also hit subscribe because I upload daily workout videos. You don’t want to miss it! Bye. Well done!

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