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LOSE LEG FAT in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide


Today’s workout is a legs fat loss and tone up home workout. It’s just 15 minutes long. No equipment needed. Let’s do this! Starting off with a wide stance. Toes pivoted outwards. Side lunge in one direction, then pulsate. Weight back through the heels, butt back, chest open. Normal squat position now. Just avoiding the dog. Toes pivoted outwards. Come halfway up only. Then all the way down. As we come up, drive up onto your toes. Get a bit of speed with this exercise.

Really turn your glutes on. Squeezing the butt. Especially at the top. Really squeeze the booty. Come down onto the exercise mat. We will be working the thighs. Squeeze the butt. Come back and then forwards. Pull your core in tight. Hold for ten seconds. Straight onto your back. Single leg bridge to work into your hamstrings. Back of the thighs. This is the area where we struggle to tone, a lot of us women.

One leg into the chest. Raise up and lower. Straight, bend, lower and lift. Oh wow! The burn is real! Straight onto the other side you should be feeling it in the hamstrings. If you’re not, move your leg further away from your butt. Dig your heel in and lift your toes. Let’s go! Good work! I’m going to take my shoes off for the next exercise. So I don’t leave marks on my wall. This exercise is done on the wall. Come in close to the wall.

Plant your feet up. Dig your heels in. Lift up high. Squeeze the booty. Come down up and pump up. Squeeze the butt at the top as you hold. This is very important. Now hold at the top, squeeze. Small pulsations. Good work. Single leg now, on the wall. Exactly the same thing, but with one leg. Digging the heel in. The other leg comes into your chest. Raise, pump, lower. Let’s go. Come all the way down or half way down to make it harder. Hold at the top.

The burn in my hamstrings! I hope you’re feeling it! Other side now. We’ve got this! Dig your heel in and lift your leg up. Squeeze that booty. Well done. Straight into inner thighs. Come onto your side. Hook the upper leg over the underneath leg. Come down onto your forearms. Lift up, pulsate and lower. Try not to touch the floor. Keep the tension on your inner thigh. Breathe. Core tight. Hold it at the top. Hold it strong. Pump it all the way!.

Pump fast, work your inner thigh. Yes squad! Straight on to the other side working the inner thigh. Hook your upper leg over the underneath leg. Core nice and tight. Flex the foot. Let’s go. Come up and pump. Try not to touch the foot to the floor. You can do it! All the way. Hold it up, pump it. Straight up, onto all fours. Do a couple of cat and dog stretches. Stretch out through the spine. We’re going into neutral spine, in the middle. Starting with a fire hydrant.

Hold your leg up strong. Straighten, bend, lift, lower. Quickly sit the butt back. We’re going to do the other side now. Keep your core nice and tight throughout the workout. Keep pushing! You’re nearly there. Straighten, bend, lift, lower. Come on, just 10 seconds left! One more hamstring exercise, then we are back into standing. Dig the heels in, lift the pelvis up. Shift the body weight over to one side. Straighten the leg and back down.

Keeping the heels digging in. Keep squeezing the butt. Core tight! You can do it! Hold one leg and try to pump up here. Narrow squat. The feet are about a fist width apart. From here, come down into a narrow squat. Pulsate. When we get 20 seconds, we’re just going to stay down in the narrow squat. Pulsate. Weight back through the heels. Chest open. Breathe! 15 seconds come on push!.

Reverse lunges to finish up, then we are done! Step the leg back and pulsate. One more to make you even! You smashed it! don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the bell icon. To make sure you don’t miss out on my daily workout videos. You’re not going to regret it. That was day 3 of your free home workout guide. See you tomorrow for day 4!
Lilly Sabri

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