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LOSE FAT in 14 Days (abs & belly burn) | 7 minute Workout


This is your 7 minute intense abs and lose belly fat workout. We are going to be working into all layers of the core and trust me, your belly is going to be on fire, you can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me in your TikTok and your Instagram for a chance to be featured. Now to get results, we need to think about nutrition, it is so important and also you want to be doing a variety of different styles.

Of training, resistance training, fat burn training of course, targeted muscle training and pilates, you know how much I love pilates. You can get a hold of a full, personalized meal plan, a personalized training guide in the LEAN App check it out, just here. Which is exactly what you’ve been doing in this free 14 day 2022 Summer Shred Challenge. If you want a personalized meal plan.

To help you achieve your goals based on your weight, your height, your activity levels, and a personalized workout guide to help you achieve your goals, check out the LEAN App. All right, no more talking, I hope you are ready to feel the burn. Starting off all the way down in lying, come up, sit up and extend that leg out. Good, breath out as you come up, breath in as you lower.

10 seconds left. (timer beeping) Okay, straight on to the other side. (timer beeping) Amazing, now all the way down into lying both legs up 90 degrees, we’re going to pump those arms up and down, keep that eye gaze forward, chin to chest. (timer beeping).

Okay, from there into dead bugs, straighten out one leg while the other one bends, drive that arm back, keep the chin to the chest with the neck sore, lower the head down and keep that lower back flat in the mats. Next up is the reverse crunch guys. (timer beeping) Good, place those hands to support the lower back if you feel you need to, from there reverse crunch,.

Straighten those legs out, open close. (timer beeping) Amazing, legs up to the sky now and you’re going to reach for those toes, Teddy, you’re right in the way muffin. (timer beeping) Amazing work, from there place your hands into a diamond shape, full sit up, touch the floor and back down again.

(timer beeping) Okay, come all the way up into sitting now, roll back to where you feel your core kicking in, hover those legs, clap underneath the leg. Careful, that’s why you got to move out of the way silly, you’ve got to be careful. Okay, elevate to opposite knee now guys. Good, well I can’t have that too much, we are just here, okay, come on, you can do it, you can do it.

(timer beeping) Amazing, all the way down now into sitting, excuse me Teddy. Okay bend those knees, we’re going to reach side to side. 10 seconds left. (timer beeping) Amazing work, oh my gosh, it is so hard with a puppy, I dunno, I dunno what to do here, okay so we’re going to pull in and alternate sides.

(timer beeping) Incredible, up now into a plank position, drawing that knee into the chest. Now you’ll notice Teddy has miraculously gone into his bed, just like magic guys. You want to get that heart rate up high, core tight and breathe. (timer beeping) Amazing, from there legs are shoulder distance apart.

Go down onto the forearms and back up again. Good, keep that core super tight for me guys, come on, just a few exercises left then you are done, try and keep those hips nice and stable. (timer beeping) Amazing, last one is a boat hold, come on back, pull that core in nice and tight, lift those legs and breathe. Good luck.

If you can, straighten those legs. (timer beeping) Yes, you guys! Oh my gosh! (upbeat music)
Lilly Sabri

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