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LOSE BELLY FAT IN 2023 πŸ”₯ Tone Abs & Flat Stomach | 5 min Workout


If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life in 2023, if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, I have the solution for you. Introducing the 8 week LEAN Transformation Method. This is a challenge. It is 56 days long, and it is going to get you in the best shape and mindset and confidence of your life. This challenge is for absolutely everyone and it starts next Monday, the 9th of January.

You do not want to miss out on this start date. We are also giving away $5,000 worth of prizes including a $3,000 cash prize. This is a science-based program that progressively gets harder as you work your way through the 8 weeks. We have three different styles of training in here, including cardio, HIIT, LISS, including Strength Training and Pilates. You don’t want to miss out guys.

There is a full personalized meal plan. All of the details are down below to get enrolled before the ninth, and we have 50% off for you guys. That offer does not last forever so please get involved down below. Join the LEAN app and transform your life. (timer beeping) Okay, guys, starting off on all fours. Tuck those toes under.

Pull that belly button back towards the spine. Now, you’re going to crunch knee to elbow, alternating sides. Keep that core really tight throughout this entire workout. We can do it. Breathe. Amazing. You should be in a box shape here. You want those knees underneath the hips, same for the wrists and the shoulders. (timer beeping) Incredible, from here,.

You’re going to dip the hip down, then take the knee forward. Really good work, keep looking down. Relax the neck, and breathe. Come on, just a few seconds left. Two more reps. (timer beeping) Great work, coming down onto your back now.

You’re going to Pilates lower down. Taking those arms out in front of you, slow and controlled all the way down. Okay. Fingertips by your temples. Four roll up. One vertebrae at a time. Control. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Okay, from here, when you’re to bend the left knee,.

Keep the right leg straight. As you come up, rotate round and back down again. You’re going to alternate the direction that you do this in. You’re drawing a circle, you guys. (timer beeping) Okay, straight change. Straighten out the left leg, come up, draw that circle, and back down again. Alternate directions.

After this exercise, it’s going to start getting a little bit harder, okay? Gradually, as we work our way through this workout, the intensity increases (timer beeping) because I’m kind of like that. Okay, next up, Pilates hundreds. I want double leg tabletop, nice and high in that crunch and pump the arms up and down. If your neck is sore, support your head.

And if you’re able to, straighten one leg out, followed by the other. Nearly there now. (timer beeping) Okay, from here, I want you to reach to those ankles, then straighten out. Good. Take those arms behind you. Keep that lower back flat in the mat. Don’t let yourself arch, okay?.

(timer beeping) Hands come in a diamond shape underneath that lower back. Take those legs up to the sky. You’re going to flutter the legs down and back up again. Again, your rib cages down. Your core is engaged. And you are breathing and smiling pretending it’s easy. Come on, mind over matter. 10 seconds left. (timer beeping).

Okay. Keep those legs up to the sky now. Flex the feet and reach for the toes. If this is too much bent, and I just want you to go with a mini crunch. Amazing work. You’re nearly there. Breath out as you come up. Breath in as you lower. Come on, six more reps.

Five, four, three, two, (timer beeping) and one. You are coming all the way up now into a plank position for your last exercise. Okay, take yourself into that nice strong plank. Walk the feet in and back out again. Good work. We’re nearly there. 10 seconds, then you’re done.

(timer beeping) Incredible. We made it.
Lilly Sabri

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