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LOSE BELLY FAT in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide


This is your 14 day free self-isolation home workout fitness guide. It is completely free. The purpose of this is because we’re going through a tough time all around the world. It’s to bring us together as a community, to become our healthiest and happiest from home. Daily real time workouts. Recipes that are healthy and help to boost your immune system. A support network. A tracking sheet. All of this is totally free! We’re in this together. I know it’s tough. Trust me, I’m in it with you. All you have to do to join is sign up to get the guide for free.

On my website down below. Enter your email address and then you will get sent the guide. With the tracking sheet, recipes, and what workouts to do every day! Tell your friends. Tell your family, and let’s get started with day one! I’m so proud of you. You’ve taken the first step already. Let’s do this! Feet flat. Knees bent. Arms out to the side. Reach to the ankle, straighten, toe, and down. Keep the chin tucked to the chest, and crunch across the body. It’s just 15 minutes, we can do it!.

Exercise number one complete. We’re going into a set of hundreds. Double leg table top. As we pump the arms, straighten one leg out, then bring it back in. Lower back flat. Eye gaze forward. Support the neck if you need to. Keep breathing, keep pushing. Hug your knees into your chest. Come up. Arms out to the side. Crunch at an angle, then straighten your legs. Rest your hands, and let your core do the work. One leg if you’re struggling. That’s absolutely fine.

Change sides. Good work! I know it burns! Spread your butt cheeks. Lengthen the legs along the mat. Arms in front of you. Roll back to the biting point. Where you can really feel your core kicking in. One leg in, then push it out. Keep your foot flexed. Change legs. Ten seconds. Come on, keep pushing all the way! Arms over the head. Roll all the way up, touch the feet. Go half way down, then touch the feet. Then go all the way down.

Onto your back, all the way down for me. Set of bicycles. We have done this before. Hold on the fifth exercise. Halfway! Under 10 seconds! Push! Reverse crunch, it’s one of my favorite exercises. Keep your rib cage down. Lower back flat and pull your stomach muscles in. Single leg stretch, into scissor exercise. Straighten out, then you’re going to tap down.

If you’re struggling, just go one leg like this. Both legs over in one direction. Fingertips by your temples. Crunch up. Take the weight through your arm, if you need to. Feeling your side oblique muscles working. Changing at halfway. Plank series now. Side plank to start off with. Plank on your hand, if you can. Down on the knees if you want.

Hip dip, up, feed under, up. Straight on to the other side. Hold strong. We’ve only got a few exercises left after this. Keep pushing nice and strong. On your back now. Which is actually working on your arms, butt and your core. Fingertips facing forward. Lift the booty up and squeeze your butt muscles. Pull the stomach muscles in nice and tight. Walk your feet out a little bit. From here, pump up. Then Triceps dip.

Good work squad! On to your back. You have three exercises left. Hands in a diamond shape. Lift the legs up. Point the toes. Lower your legs, then tap your feet. Hold! Last exercise. How many sit ups can you do? Don’t give up! Keep pushing! That is not the end of day 1. There is another workout to add on to this. Which is in your guide. You can download your guide on my website, which is down below.

If you’ve already got it, just literally click on that link and it’s gonna take you to your second workout. I’ll see you guys tomorrow for day two, where there is a live workout. It’s on the guide. So proud of you! Please hit subscribe and smash that thumbs up button! We’re in this together. Love you guys.
Lilly Sabri

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