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LOSE BELLY and BACK FAT in 14 days | Free Home Workout Program


Today’s home workout is all about getting a flat toned stomach. We are working into the abs. Also, the back. Which is really going to help with your posture. And will help you to create an hourglass figure. No equipment needed. You want to do this for 14 days in a row, if you can. It’s just 10 minutes long. Let’s do this. Starting off in a boat hold position, pulling those stomach muscles in nice and tight. Reach to the ankle and come back down. Spring is here! I got so excited, I wet my plants! Great. From there, come down onto the mat. Create a diamond shape with your hands.

Put your hands underneath your lower back. From there, we’re going to come down and open and close. Then flutter kick. Come up onto your knees. Going to work your back now. Slightly tilt forwards. Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Straighten, bend and lower. Now hold those arms straight, turn thepalms up and pump. Coming down, onto your stomach. We’re going to repeat that, but this time, in a lying position. Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Lift up the upper body and pump. From here, coming up on to your forearms. We’re now going to work into your lower abs and obliques. Hip dips. Straightening the arms out in front ofyou. We’re going to squeeze down, into the lats.

Squeezing the shoulder blades together, then bringing the arms forwards. Come onto your back. We are finishing off with abs. Starting off with a set of dead bugs. Lifting the arms up. Hand to opposite shin. Spread the butt cheeks. Roll back. Hover your right leg. Pump. Now, crunch in and straighten your leg. Finish off with some pumps. Let’s go. Good! Shake your hips out. We are going to repeat on the other side. Pump up. Core tight. Hands behind if you want to. Otherwise, place your hands in front of you. Crunch in. You can do it! Come on!.

Pump up, to finish off. So nearly there! We’re gonna go back tothose lat pull-downs. Lying on your stomach. This is your last exercise. Face your palms up. Reverse hundreds. Come as high as you can. I have one favor to ask, and that is, hit subscribe! I upload daily workout videos. I don’t want you missing out. Also, click the thumbs up button. It really supports my channel. Drop a comment below. Love you! See you tomorrow!

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