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LOSE ARM FAT in 2 weeks | 6 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a lose arm and shoulder fat workout. We are going to be toning our arms and shoulders. I hope you’re ready for an epic burn. All you need is light weights or a water bottle. It is 6 minutes long. I’m Lilly. Make sure you click subscribe for daily workout videos. You can get amazing results like these ladies. Tag me in your Instagram stories. You can even do a full YouTube review. Let’s do this. Starting with speed punched. We’re working the shoulders and the arms.

Nice and fast. 30 seconds on each exercise. Good work. 10 seconds left. Hold your arms in front of you. Nice and strong. We have a 30 second hold. Core really tight. 6 minutes, but trust me, this is going to burn. Bring your arms out to the side. We’re going to do tiny pumps here. At halfway, we turn the palms upwards. Turn the palms up. Let’s go. Bring your arms in. We’re now punching up to the sky. You want to keep it fast and keep it moving.

Great work. We now have a shoulder press. Come up, then lower back down. Breath out as you come up, breath in, as you lower. Isn’t it crazy how much it can burn, in a short space of time. Bring your arms close to the body. Bicep curl, then W it, out to the side. Right arm in front of you. Left arm is here, doing bicep curls. Keep this arm strong. You can do it. Nearly there. 5 seconds. I know your shoulders burn. Amazing. Straight onto the other side. 5 seconds. Come on, keep pushing.

Amazing work. Both arms are down. Set your shoulders back. Come up, and lower halfway. Try not to swing your arms. Control the movement. Palms are facing each other. Come up and twist. We’re now doing triceps. Squeeze the shoulder blades back. Kick your arms back and bend. Hold both up. Hold and squeeze. You smashed it fam! Please click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. I upload daily workout videos.

I don’t want you to miss out. You can do the workouts to get phenomenal results. If you want to know what I eat, you can watch my what I eat in a day videos, or check out my cookbook. The link to my cookbook is down below, in the description. It’s really affordable. You can see the food I eat on a day to day basis. You can eat, the way that I do, if you want to. It’s delicious. So yummy. See you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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