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LIFTED UNDER BUTT in 14 Days | 8 minute Workout


This workout is for your under booty to lift it, to round it, and to make it nice, and firm, and peachy. It’s just 8 minutes long, You can do this at home with no equipment. But trust me, you are going to feel the most incredible burn. I want you to do this workout for 14 days, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. To get incredible results like these ladies just here. You want to combine this workout with my full length workouts. You can get access to all of those workouts on the LEAN app, Check out the description box below.

A personalized meal plan. Let’s feel this burn. Okay. So we’re starting off down with our butt touching our heels, drop that booty down, and then drive up and squeeze. Squeeze the booty, pull the core in nice and tight. Good. Just 10 seconds left.

You’ve got this. (timer beeps) Amazing. From there, we are coming (smooches) onto all fours. Drop yourselves down onto your fore arms, squeeze that booty, flex that foot, drive up, and then lower halfway down. (timer beeps) Now, hold it at the top nice and high,.

Squeeze that booty, and fast little pumps. Good. Drive the heel up to the sky, pump pump. Amazing work. 10 seconds. Pull that core in tight. (timer beeps) Incredible. From there, we’re going into our side leg lift.

Up onto the hands, bring it up, and lower back down again. (timer beeps) Now, hold it at the top, and pump there. Pump up. Good work, you guys. (timer beeps) Incredible work. Straighten that leg out now.

Tap the toe down, and bring it up. This is super slow and controlled. (timer beeps) Nice. Hold it up high. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And again, little pumps. Incredible work. Keep pushing. (timer beeps).

Amazing. Drop that leg down, back up onto the forearm, onto the hands. And you’re going to swoop that leg, round it over, and back. (timer beeps) Last one here. Drop that foot out to the side. It comes up at a diagonal, and back down again. Good luck.

Come on, you’re nearly there. (timer beeps) Amazing work. We got to even you out. Come onto that other side. Start off down on the forearms. Flex the foot up and lower. (timer beeps) Okay.

Hold that leg up, and tiny little pulses now. Come on, you’re nearly there. Keep pushing. (timer beeps) Amazing. Straight out to the side, side leg lift, and lower. (timer beeps) Okay. Hold it up strong, and pump it. You want that leg really high, okay?.

Come on, 20 seconds. Don’t give up now. Nice and high. (timer beeps) Oh my gosh. Back down onto the forearms. The leg is straight. The toe touches the floor, and back up again. (timer beeps).

Oh, my booty is on fire. Hold it up, and pump it. Nearly there now, 10 seconds. (timer beeps) Straight into those arcs, up and over. Good work. You want a nice smooth movement here. I’ll show you from in front. So it’s coming to the side, up and round.

(timer beeps) Amazing. You have one exercise left. Coming up, and back down again. Swooping across. 15 seconds. Come on. (timer beeps) Oh my gosh. My booty is on fire.

(upbeat music)
Lilly Sabri

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