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LIFT YOUR BUTT in 14 Days | 5 minute Home Workout Program


Today’s home workout is all about the under butt. We are going to be working and sculpting into that area where the back of the thigh connects into the butt. It is just five minutes long, and I want you to do this workout everyday for two weeks. You’re going to get results. Five minutes! Everyone has five minutes in a day. Let’s do this. Starting with a lunge. From there, push your leg up to the sky. Leading with the heel. Really squeezing the butt muscles. Keeping the core nice and tight. 30 seconds each butt exercise. Changing sides, and then driving that leg up to the sky. Core tight. Dig the heels in. Lift the pelvis up into a bridge. Push the legs out fast.

Really squeezing the butt. The further your feet are away your feet are from your pelvis, the harder it is. Walk your feet out as far as they can go. If it doesn’t hurt too much walk your feet in, then out. Keep your pelvis nice and high. Hold your legs out. Touch the inner thighs together and pump up. Really squeezing the butt. If the lower back is hurting, lower the pelvis down, then lift it back up. Good work. From there, back into a normal bridge. From here, you’re going to shift your body weight onto your right side. Hover your left leg. Flex the foot, and pump up.

Really driving through the heels. Squeezing that butt. Place the feet together. Knees wide apart. Pump up through your other feet. Lift, then lower halfway down. Hold at the top. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Now, pump up. Really squeezing the butt muscles. Straighten out the right leg and from here you’re going to bend, straighten, lift then lower. If that wasn’t enough of a burn, repeat that workout again! Remember, you are doing this for two weeks, every day. You will see results. If you want more, make sure you check out my live workout, every day.

It’s 45 minutes long. Also, click that thumbs up button and comment below. Let me know how you got on! Hit subscribe. I love you and i’ll see you tomorrow for another workout! guess wrong was found
Lilly Sabri

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