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What that familiar today I’m going to be taking you through a three minute legs day it stretch out zero equipment needed let’s do this are you ready today so we’re gonna start with a hip flexor stretch in this lunged position we’re going to lunge the body weight forward even further to fill the hip flexor on the back leg okay if you can’t sinking.

That body weight a little bit further forward breathing into the restricting the shoulders keeping the chest open good ten seconds left try to go a little bit deeper if you can good work amazing from there I’m going to reverse that into a hamstring stretch flexing the foot and then taking that body weight nice and low if we can down.

Towards the thighs now I’m very tighten my hamstrings at the moment so you’re trying to take that body way a little bit further down breathing keeping the foot flexed if you want to you can reach to the toes amazing work from now we’re actually going to come straight down to stretch.

The glute out on the left side okay hooking the ankle and then hugging behind the back of the thigh good pulling in nice and tight if you want to increase that stretch use the left hand to push the left knee away while the right hand hugs behind the back that right thigh good work guys nearly there little bit tighter amazing straight.

Change on to the other side this time hooking the right ankle over the left knee and hug behind the back of the thigh with each breath out if I’m feeling a little bit tighter if you want to push that your way to increase the stretch Oh you’re really hitting likely from here we’re going to bring ourselves up to.

Stretch out the other hip flexor okay so stepping that foot forward into a lunge position shimmying the toes forward if you need to chest open good sinking deeper into that stretch if you can just 30 seconds breathe enjoy little bit deeper amazing then swaying that body weight back the foot is flexed taking the chest nice and low to feel.

That from straight to drench okay if you’re super flexible you can drop all the way back and try and take that chest a little bit lower otherwise just in here this is our last stretch breathing and a little bit further with each breath out yeah amazing so that is your three minute stretch out complete please don’t.

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Up there like on and guys I will see you tomorrow food yet another workout I hope you’re feeling a little bit looser and better okay Wow thought you loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I would stop waited like forever to be your plus one but guess eula turn left me at the party.
Lilly Sabri

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