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LEAN ABS & ARMS 15 min Home Workout


Welcome back to yet another today’s workout is going to be a 15 minute abs and shoulders slash of burn now before we get started I do just need you to grab some weight if you don’t have lips please don’t worry you can describe water bottles cans a bit eat whatever you get your hands or I’m using 1 kg so they’re not crazy heavier but trust me.

You’re gonna feel the burn first of all you know that how clean do not forget to hit the subscribe button I have so many new challenges and workouts coming your way over the next couple of weeks so if so were causing this video right now hitting the subscribe button killing the bell icon then going to get a notification of every single time I.

Upload a new workout is starting off either in nearly orange standing entirely up to you guys we’re going to keep the core nurses but tuck that tailbone under no roof layering or it’s active grab a hold of your weight your parts are facing downwards we’re gonna start off just with a lift up make a turn 90 degrees and we’re gonna pop.

There so we’re gonna start off just by working into the core core is active but maybe if those shown is tiny little part called tiger cage down shoulders away from the ears you’re not up here and a shoulders away for years I’m going to turn up with Anubis anything quite there father okay.

When each exercise 15 seconds recoveries and liquefies let’s go good luck amazing if you do this at how the way it’s comfy it still burns over all the way to the end amazing incredible ok but now to take the arms out in front of are down up together in and around the world ok down up together in and round alert let’s go straight down down up it good.

one more we have come up holding no doubt that the core is tight we’re holding strong strong strong strong strong strong core tight no giving up I come in and back basic okay hold let’s go holy strong we’ve got ten seconds in the first round.

No giving up at back those shoulders three two one come in man fact turn the palm downwards and hold ten tickets good work right you feeling the burn – okay putting that core in a full-size good and we’re really trying to make sure that the bending through the elbows.

As we do that okay so you’re not just flopping the down we’ve been in is really elbows as long as we feel we can go okay really trusting with those triceps good learning amazing we’re nearly there come on it’s annealing and why even in the body weight foods you can’t do this in.

Astounding effect there always are in my society buddy we’re gonna spray something on back to work the tricep and back into the chest again let’s go good keeping those elbows in tight to body pulling that for it tight as weaving squeezing squeezing the chest is proud and I think we’re lifting up as high as we can behind it take.

Without cuts in the back stressing the elbow good work really filling into that tricep we must like hold and that hold and that finished altering a little bit higher and that cold and that good work amazing doing so well behind the head be like the movement proposes a punch punch and back down.

Let’s go again this one bit much up to this guy punching forward 1 2 3 protecting up to the side rotate pull it pull it good work maybe they had changed the arm with your leading it now good this one guys placing the weight down lengthen the legs out in front of you.

I don’t want you to sit on your back that you make to spread your butt cheeks a little bit okay from here God’s around Fatima we’re gonna roll back okay roll to the point you can feel that your horse leap in it’s working in the core is working if you need to bend the knees a little bit we’ll get flexible school we have a.

Pop-up and now up and down one more up and down back and forward let’s go for three four times – right good well of course drop the weights at any point if you need to okay and just over the head at five-to-one right hold hold I love you think of making the workplace.

For me he replaced the weight just in the right hands the right knee defense the left leg is straight and head to inner route up good and then Shawn Eva let’s go to the toe and reach to the ankle and inside ankle and you want to make sure that you’re rotating the body or to do this right good.

Come on Route 83 a weakness that cool head should be feeling next time do I need an amazing baby changing sides and X so the men with a straight right leg wait in the left hand effect and again making sure you’re rotating we’re reaching up and reach our bus you rotate let’s go good good.

Amazing my life should be really crunchy in tonight oh yeah love the burn time you guys really under that one keep pushing Russian twist all right next oh okay strengthen up into fixing I want you to grab both weights if you can’t the feet look plants on the map and we’re going to.

Rotate side to side and then it straighter okay let’s up one to straighten in give it back and they they keep going on the Sierra strengthen and it good now we go with palms facing downwards good – down down I did good now we’ve actually beginning this time.

I’m going to rotate in the other direction keep it under such it one more time incredible now with the weight let’s go the ain’t wore five friends sighing pumps to one breath in my cups to impress the hell okay if you need to pop the feet down if you want to make it harder to straighten the legs out.

In a third full pirate hat for poverty in straighten up back into kneeling before me guys like that this time they’ll be coming directly out to the side we’re going to be going a 45 degree angle punting turning up the down okay set those shoulders core tight hold and.

Comprar 45-degree angle nice and fight through that whole working the shoulders turn up two three four one two ten eight nine ten oh good seven eight nine ten ten two three six eight you know I can pop down pop up oh oh we have another step of tricep dips like we do before but this time we come down up open close really really.

Dropping the rule of those elbows okay super super important we don’t move through the elbows and not make sure those Tom’s sorry that fetus as they are facing forward I often see people in the wrong position that works and it can actually be quite harmful to the ribs at least half of the best good dropping through the elbows and those.

Boots on again this time they’re working with business with our own time Schulman activated ss tabletop up in a crouch hold on still we were disgusted good work and the key to this is to try and keep that lower back flat if you can affect good.

And I don’t wanna make it harder that you drop the foot down you can open out with that okay try and keep your arms straight I just got the rule blocking me on this side and keep it super super slow in control love that class amazing go ahead we’ve now accepted up very very similar but this time even strengthening up the.

Jaws a kid again you wanna make a father he brought back the opposite arm to leg effect the penis copy me we’re just going with the legs you can put the arms down what place the arms to the side advanced yoga come on we got this where are they going to buy I hand forward come on I watching you do not.

Give up a middle of you need a dipping all that baby and I hope eight folks are through out in front of us palms face each other’s both legs up if you can’t otherwise beat it down it’s a one of knit boat hold okay we’ve soon got this guy a full minute pull those stomach muscles in if anyone feels ambitious you can strengthen the.

Legs out palms upwards in tightly and tight up to you good work chest open come on do not give up for me don’t give up guys you’ve got this come on one minute one minute that is all good work you have 20 seconds left I’m going to try straight legs palms up if you can’t rotate the arms out that is really quite challenging now ten seconds I’ve got the.

Shape butter used to give up come on go ahead using it up with me love love that arms and have combo like I’m feeling both are banning in a really really nice way I really hope you guys enjoy please do go back to the beginning if you want double the band and repeat this workout top down in the comments.

Below at what time exactly this workout starts you can repeat guys I love you so much I’m so so proud of you please do give this video a thumbs up and let me know what you thought of it see you reverend thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me Kennesaw.

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