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KILLER TOTAL ABS BURN πŸ”₯ Ab Tone, Shred & Fat Burn | 9 min Workout


Are you wanting to tone your abs? I have a free 7 day guide to help you burn fat, tone, and strengthen your core, starting today with this 9 minute full abs workout, 3 minutes on each section of your abs. If you’ve just started your fitness journey and you’re a beginner, I recommend completing this section of the guide that’s just 15 minutes a day. But if you’ve been working out for a while.

And you’re advanced, you want to be completing this section and all of this to get results. Now, don’t forget, abs are made in the kitchen, so to access hundreds of free recipes and a personalized meal plan, check out the LEAN app. The link to this free guide, and the LEAN app is in the description box. And don’t forget to subscribe, guys, for free workouts every single week.

You don’t want to miss it. Let’s get going. (timer beeps) So pop your left arm down on the mat. You’re going to shift your body onto the left side. Crunch in and straighten out. So you’re sitting on that left butt cheek, really crunching in and out. You have 45 seconds each exercise, 15 seconds rest. Breathe. You want to breath out and breath in.

15 seconds left, amazing work. (timer beeps) Incredible! Coming down to the mat now. We’re going with a full sit up, touching the floor, back down, and then a mini crunch. All right, we got this. (timer beeps) Okay, little crunch, then all the way up. Good, pace yourself with this workout.

Nine minutes, intense abs. It is going to burn, but we’re going to get incredible results and feel so bloomin’ strong. (timer beeps) Amazing work. We’re going onto that other side now, so remember, you’re taking your body weight onto your right forearm, shift the body over to the left, sorry, the right, on that right butt cheek.

And then from there, (timer beeps) you’re going to crunch in and straighten out. Let’s go. As you straighten out, try and lower that body back. Your body weight is on your right side. Already halfway, guys. Nearly there, now, 10 seconds. (timer beeps) Amazing work. All the way down, into lying, for your single leg stretch.

90 degrees at the knees and the hip. You want this knee no closer towards the chest, 90 degrees. (timer beeps) From there, go on up into a crunch, tap the toe down, and back up again. Breath out, breath in. If your neck is sore, support the head, keep looking forward in between the thighs. If your neck’s still sore, lower the head down. Belly button back towards the spine,.

Flatten that back into the mat and breathe. Breath out as you lower, breath in as you come back up again. Really pull those core muscles in nice and tight. (timer beeps) Next up, you have a set of hundreds. Just lengthen those legs along the mat. Reach the arms up and over. Okay, we’re going back into that same starting position.

90 degrees at the knees (timer beeps) and the hip, come on up into a crunch, pump those arms up and down. You want to go with a breath in for five and then a breath out for five pumps. Amazing. Advanced, straighten those legs out. Beginners, legs down. Support the head if you need to. Okay, for the last 10 seconds, try and go upper level, so legs up or legs straight.

(timer beeps) Incredible, next up is a modified reverse crunch, one of my favorites. Pop the hands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back. One leg is straight, one is bent. Come up and then change sides. (timer beeps) Really pipe that body up to the sky. Use that core. Again, if it’s too much work on the neck, lower the head down.

Those deep neck flexor muscles are working hard as well as the core and that’s okay. Just keep that chin tucked to the chest. You don’t want it up like this, tuck it down. (timer beeps) Amazing work. Coming into a little bit of waist now. You’re going to take the right leg over towards the left side, place the fingertips by the right temple, then from there, crunch up, (timer beeps).

Pump, lower, let’s go. To make it harder, wrap this left arm around. Okay, changing onto the other side. (timer beeps) Amazing work. Plot those feet down. My nephew’s favorite. We’re going to reach to the left, to the right, center, center. This kills the entire abs. (timer beeps) Let’s go.

Left, right, center, center. Okay, leading the other direction, right, left, center, center. Oh my gosh, my abs are on fire! Nearly there, 10 seconds. (timer beeps) Amazing, last exercise! We are coming up onto all fours. You’re going to tuck the toes under and lift the heels,.

The heels, the knees, just an inch from the floor. (timer beeps) From here, tap the left knee down, right knee down, left, right. Pull that core in nice and tight. Four, three, two, now we go with both, down and up. You can do this. Two more. Okay, now come into a full plank, on your forearms, and sway it backwards and forwards.

Then we’re done. Tuck that tail under and pull the core in tight. (timer beeps) For luck, we’re going to hold it forward for five, four, three, two, and one. We made it! Oh my gosh, that was absolutely killer, wow!
Lilly Sabri

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