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KILLER LOWER ABS πŸ”₯ Burn Belly Fat & Tone | 6 min Intense Workout


Let’s face it. Summer is the time for taking it slow with your fitness goals, and that’s fine. What’s hard is when you’re trying to get back on track with your training and feel healthy again. If you, like me, have taken it slow this summer, this 6 week intense structured plan is going to get you back on track and change your life. The Feel Good Fit Factory.

Is everything you need to transform your body and mind in the comfort of your home, with a personalized meal plan for 6 weeks, and a habit tracker to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. Enroll now on the LEAN app, and let’s take on this 6 week challenge together. (upbeat bright music) Alrighty guys, starting off down on your back.

Imprint the spine, core nice and tight. Hug in, one two, and change sides. This is the easiest of the 6 exercises, okay? So it’s almost like I’m warming you up. Pull the core in nice and tight, and shoot that leg down towards the floor. Bounce for two. One, two, change. Belly button back towards the spine,.

Rib cage down, and breathe. Amazing work. Okay, next up your hands are going in a diamond shape all the way down under the butt. Okay, from here, I want those legs out, and hover lift and lower. Good, keep that rib cage down and breathe. Amazing. If this is too tough, take those legs up higher.

And just go with a little lift here. Really pulling the core in tight and breathing. Come on, focus. Nice, strong core. Do not give up. Keep that ribcage down. (timer beeping) Amazing lap. Take the legs up to the sky now.

We’re going to flutter as we lower the legs down, and back up again. (timer beeping) Let’s go. Really keep that core tight, ribcage down, and breathe. If your neck is sore, lower your head down. Okay, we’re now going to stay at the bottom. Flutter here. Come on, I know this hurts.

Don’t give up. And hold. Hold strong, you’re nearly there. Amazing. Straight into single leg stretch. Imprint that spine, pull that core in nice and tight. 90 degrees at the knees in the hip. You’re going to straighten out and back in again. If your neck is sore, support your head,.

Or lower your head down. Keep this slow and controlled. The slower it is, the harder it is. (timer beeping) Incredible work. We now have a full sit up. Take those legs out in front of you. From here, you’re going to reach all the way up to the toes, and then slowly back down again.

This is full core. You’re working that lower core as part of this movement. Slowly down. Slow. Controlled. If you want to make it harder, take those fingertips by the temples. (timer beeping) Amazing work. We are finishing up with a plank.

Coming onto all fours, we’re going to seesaw it, okay? So down on your forearms, come into that plank position, no overarching in either direction. Nice flat back. Pull that core in nice and tight. Breathe. In five, four, three,.

Two. Okay, seesaw it backwards and forwards. Don’t give up. Pull that core in nice and tight. Your chin is coming in front of your hands and then behind them. Come on, squeeze the booty, core tight, belly button back towards the spine. You’re nearly there.

(timer beeping) Amazing. Oh my gosh, it is crazy what you can do in just 6 minutes. So proud of you guys. Don’t forget, try this every day in the morning and let me know how you get on in the comments down below.
Lilly Sabri

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