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KILLER LEG BURN πŸ”₯ Lean Strong Legs w. Dumbbells | 10 min Workout


Everyone I hope you are super excited for this one we’ve got another live workout this week and this is purely for lower body for your legs a little bit of booty in there as well and we’re covering the entire legs during this pilates workout all you’re going to need if you have them is some dumbbells but if you don’t have dumbbells please don’t.

Worry you can go without that’s absolutely fine trust me when I say this is gonna set your legs on fire even without the dumbbells straight 10 minutes zero breaks I’m about to show you how much of a burn you can get in just 10 minutes time okay so if you haven’t already done day number three of Halloween which is a 13 minute full.

Length workout you can find it right here it’s completely free on the leaner so make sure you come on over to the lean app to do this entire guide here for free 30 minutes a day plus finishes plus warm-ups plus cool Downs plus activations all of that totally breathe at a week free trial you can download it download yeah in the description box.

Okay did I mention it’s free and it is basically Halloween is the toughest workouts you’ve ever done I would say in your life like they’re designed to challenge you I’ve been doing it with you yesterday’s one was poor and arms I am done and today is a strength Fusion workout so a little bit of hip strength and then a little bit of pure strength.

With heavier weights as well so all of that there you can download down there all right guys we’re going to get started in 15 seconds I hope you are ready to feel the burn okay we’re gonna start off down on our side on the forearm for me straight upper leg pump it bring It Forward lift lower guys.

Looking forward to love these exercises core nice and tight shoulders relaxed and breathe we are quizzed during Pilates hold it in it it will pump up up good right.

do you want me close do you want to get clothes take it back Flex the foot lift lower okay so one two three four good morning.

I would need to draw tiny little circles back there place the hand in front of you you should be feeling the booty tiny little circles okay change directions baby you made me think so I need to point the toe up and over and back two three four switches.

gonna Like Me Hold It Forward hover at Four Points so it’s up juicing that two down to tap the floor oh my gosh tap baby you make me feel so alone keep that weight lifted come on boys.

up Pump lower give that come up to the sky if you can foreign four three two one from the other side how do you lose me come on over here baby girl okay from.

Here remember it was that sweet forward lift lower and back we’re gonna do some Pilates you now take it back into neutral Flex that foot lift lower good luck guys turn on the glutes pull that core inside amazing work 20 seconds left of this Pilates session.

Keep digging deep guys oh look if you’re feeling super strong come on Alex show them your track come on come on she’s embarrassed now hold it pop pop let’s go up up this should be back in extension feel that booty turn those glutes on.

Okay um one two three four five two three four all right wow eleven okay one more second forward.

okay okay oh my gosh why does that hurt so bad let’s go one two down two one eleven up two down two up okay let’s go up Pump lower up pop lower and come on really wide go through the.

Thighs foreign directions.

it’s amazing work guys four three two flatten them down now walk out one two three four foreign.

foreign take that leg down slow and controlled take the weights over to the right side cover the left leg find that feet let’s.

Go get down drive up breath in breath out even down amazing bring yourselves up into standing for 20 reps then we are done I want those legs nice and wide toes pivoted outwards core nice and tight hold the weights close to your chest okay we go to 20 heel race.

Side to side let’s go one two three four five six seven eight nine halfway all right eight seven one two six five four three hold on your toes 19 18 17 16 keep holding the lower you are the harder it is inside.

this is just a teaser of Halloween today’s free 30 minute workout is there ready I’m waiting for you it’s a strength session for free on the lead app check the description box hey three last set 20 posters we can do it twenty.

Ninety eighty oh my God 763 my leg was shaking twelve eleven nine ah eight seven five let’s go six five four you see that they’re capable now we’re gonna hold for left hold ten nine Tick Tock one with.

Oh my gosh how was that by the way only 10 minutes what the heck that was absolutely amazing I’m so broken right now I’ve been filming other Tick Tock other Tick Tock other YouTube videos today so guys make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already have live workouts you have so many uploads every single week as well we’ve also got loads of.

Recipes which get uploaded um but yeah I really really really hope you enjoyed that you can repeat that as many times as you want to Here on YouTube We’re Gonna Save it and yeah let me know what you thought of it guys I love you so much well done you smashed it oh my gosh my legs wow that I need a.

Lilly Sabri

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