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KILLER BOOTY LIFT πŸ”₯ Grow Your Butt | 10 min Intense Workout


This is your 10 minute killer booty lift. In just 10 minutes I’m going to have you feeling the most incredible burn. This butt lift workout is designed to lift and sculpt into your booty. I want you to do this workout for 14 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible workout results like these ladies just here. Please be sure that you tag me in your Tik Tok videos and Instagram for a chance to be featured. Honestly, I’m so proud of you, you are doing this for you and you look and feel phenomenal. Now, before we get started. The moment we have all been waiting for,.

The LEAN protein snack bars, are finally launching and they are launching in just two hours. I’m going to show you inside now just to show you how delicious they are. Honestly, they are absolutely unbelievable and they are going tochange your snacking game. White chocolate raspberryand peanut butter chocolate, these are the two flavorsthat we are launching with. If you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen inside, you would have seen all the up close.

And personal details of these babies, which you can also see right here, they are so healthy, noartificial additives, no nasties, 15 grams of protein, less than one gram of sugar in this one, less than 200 caloriesand they are so delicious. Look at those, we havelayers chocolate protein. Then we have peanut butter in this one, raspberry in this one,.

Crispies and then alayer of chocolate again. Honestly, they are absolutely phenomenal. So I get asked all thetime what I snack on, I’m going to show youthe inside, look at that. I am having two of these aday minimum at the moment, they are perfect for beforea workout, after a workout, when you’re dipping inenergy a little bit, which is normally around like11 in the morning for me, I also have them asdessert after my mains,.

Just because I alwaysfancy something sweet. They give you that sweet kick, but they’re also so healthy. So I designed thesebecause I was so fed up of seeing the words healthywritten on the front of snacks and then I turn to the back of the pack and it had all of these additives, all of these added sugars and they actually weren’t healthy for you.

These are so healthy and they are delicious at the same time. They are plant-based, so they are vegan, so anyone who struggles with bloating like I do when I eat whey based protein, these don’t give me bloating. They are just so amazing,you can have them on the go, you can have them in your lunchboxes, wherever works for you, theyare just the perfect snack,.

Low calories, high protein, and did you hear that crunch? Oh my gosh. It’s like melt in your mouth combined with like crunchy gooeyness. I can’t even. And now onto this one, oh my gosh, look at that peanut butter. This is actually my new favorite.

It used to be the otherone, but now it’s this one. I am saving this for after the workout. Also don’t forget you canput them in the microwave and melt them and then they’re like… Okay, let’s work out. (Workout timer beeps)Okay guys, with that band on if you want to, flex the foot, up, pump, lower, core tight, good work,.

50 seconds each exercise, feel that beat, feel that burn. If you have got the band,make sure it’s on you guys. Keep that core nice and tightand breathe, 10 seconds. (Workout timer beeps) Amazing work, you’re takingthe leg down at a diagonal, sweep it up and back downagain, flex that foot. Two, one, let’s go. Lift and lower, breath out, breath in,.

Really squeeze that booty. If that band is on, Isalute you right now. Come on, feel that burn. 20 seconds. 10 seconds you guys. (Workout timer beeps) Perfect, come on up from there, you’re going to takethe leg out to the side, sweep it round, pump andlower down, let’s go.

Good, keep that core tight, keep squeezing the booty, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Changing direction guys, coming back, pump, round and lower, pump, round, lower. (Workout timer beeps) Great work, whoo, have a moment. Guys, you are absolutely killing it.

Taking that leg behind now, we’re going to draw some circles. Good, really squeeze atthe back throughout guys, come on, you can do that. Changing direction. 10 seconds, come on, squeezethat booty, squeeze that booty. (Workout timer beeps) Oh wow, whoo, on to that other side now, enjoy that burn you guys, enjoy that burn.

Take that leg behind, up,pump, lower, let’s go. Up, pump, lower. Halfway. Five seconds. (Workout timer beeps) Good work, taking thatleg to 45 degrees behind, we’re coming up and back down. What did I just say for degrees there? Okay, let’s go, lift, lower,.

Breath out, breath in, slowly down. Breath out, breath in, squeeze that booty. Flex that foot you guys,squeeze that booty. 10 seconds. (Workout timer beeps) Amazing work, out to the side and round. Okay, come on up onto those hands, we come up, round, pump, lower, let’s go. Come on, think of that booty,.

Think of those strong glutes. Good work. You are so strong you guys, you are absolutely killing it, you should be so proudof yourselves right now. Come on, keep pushing. Changing direction. Flex that foot, come on, 15 seconds. Whoo.

(Workout timer beeps) Amazing work, oh wow, next up is those circles, breathe. (Workout timer beeps)Whoo. Okay, bring it up behind, flex the foot, we’re drawing some circles. I love this song. Good, squeezing thatback throughout, okay? Changing direction guys.

Come on, feel that burn, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Think of those bootymuscles, Come on, core tight. Flex that foot, we’re nearlythere, five seconds, four. (Workout timer beeps) Amazing work. Okay, coming on to your side now, one on each side, if you havethat band on, incredible. We’re going to take the legforward, toe down, heel up,.

Lift, lift, core tight,amazing work you guys. Come on, you’re killing that. If you can, take thatarm up, 90 degrees, whoo. 20 seconds, you guys don’t give up, come on, I know it hurts, I know it hurts. Do not let that leg drop, 15 seconds. Now you hold, 10 seconds, hold strong, toe down, heel up, comeforward, come forward. I know it’s shaking.

(Workout timer beeps) Oh, give it a hit. We’ve got to even you out. Oh, we’ve got five seconds, quickly, come on, change over.(Workout timer beeps) Bring it forward, let’s go. Good, advance, lift thatarm up, nice and strong. You are killing it. Beginners, arm down, orback in neutral, okay?.

That’s absolutely fine. Last exercise, give me everything, toe down, heel up. Keep going. Nine, eight, seven, six. Good, now hold it, hold it strong, last 10 seconds, hold, hold, hold. Toe down, heel up, further forwards. Whoo, higher.(Workout timer beeps).

Oh my gosh. Guys, you absolutely smashed it, don’t forget to hit thumbs up. Also subscribe if you wantmore videos like this. I’m going to enjoy this now, it is in the description box, go check it out there live in two hours, please don’t miss outwe’ve got boxes of 12 or you can buy them individuallyworld wide shipping.

We love you, enjoy.

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