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KILLER 6 PACK ABS πŸ”₯ Flat Stomach & Belly Fat Burn | 6 min Workout


This 6 minute intense 6 pack abs workout, you can do absolutely anywhere, including on a safari in South Africa. I cannot believe I’m here. Guys, it is so beautiful. We’ve been seeing the Big Five. We’ve been seeing the most amazing animals every single day, and what I’d love to know is where are you from around the world?.

Pop it in the comments down below. I’m so intrigued. Okay, 6 minutes on the clock, no equipment needed, and you’re going to have a pretty beautiful view. Okay guys, we’re starting off on all fours. Tuck those toes under. Lift the knees just an inch. Crunch the left knee to the left elbow, then right to right. Keep that core nice and tight,.

Belly button back towards the spine. 30 seconds each exercise. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Bring yourself forward into that all fours position. Step the feet back and in. (timer beeping) Staying in that plank position, lower down onto your forearms.

Dip the hip. Seesaw forward. (timer beeping) Amazing work, coming onto your back now. I want you to lengthen those legs out in front of you. Good. From there, roll back to where you feel your core kicking in. Mini pulse up and lower back down. Relax those shoulders.

Work that core. Breathe, you guys. Enjoy the surroundings. Isn’t it gorgeous? (timer beeping) Amazing. Coming all the way down into lying now. Place your hands together, legs wide, all the way up. Rotate, rotate. Back down.

Amazing. Keep that belly button back towards the spine and breathe. (timer beeping) Incredible. Place those feet down now. We’re going to place our fingertips by our temples. Come up and round. Change direction. It’s like you’re drawing a circle with your core and your head. Breathe.

So important to breathe. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Hover the left leg, straighten the right leg out. Come up and crunch across. If that is too much, pop this leg down. Crunch like so. Whatever works for your body, okay? Remember that advanced version is here.

Breathe. Nearly there. One more! Oh my gosh! Okay, onto that other side. Hover the right leg, left leg, sorry. Right leg at 90 degrees. Otherwise, you are here. Let’s go. Advanced, you’re here.

Beginner, you’re here. Don’t give up, guys. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, place the head down. Hands in that diamond shape underneath the lower back. Lift those legs up, okay? Flutter them down and back up again. Keep that ribcage down.

Breathe. (timer beeping) Okay, keep those legs in hover. Tiny little lift up, move them to the left. Lift up to the right. Keep that core tight, breathe! Don’t give up. Ribcage down. 10 seconds left, that is all.

(timer beeping) Amazing, place the feet down. I want you to now hover the arms and reach side to side nice and fast. Into those obliques, into the waist. You’re nearly there now, guys. Keep it moving. We’re going to be finishing up with one of my favorite moves. Good, nice and fast.

Five seconds left. Amazing. Okay, from here, we have a little reverse crunch like so. All the way up into sitting, open, close. I’m on a bit of a slant, guys. It makes it a little bit harder. Nearly there. Come on, last few. Last one.

Now hold it for luck. Nine, eight, seven, core tight. Six, five, four, don’t give up. Three, two, and one. We made it. So proud of you guys.
Lilly Sabri

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