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KILLER 11 LINE ABS πŸ”₯ Belly Fat Burn in 7 Days | 5 min Workout


If you are looking toget results in your abs, into those sexy 11 line,beautiful killer abs, this is the workout for you. It’s just 5 minutes long and I can guarantee in 5 minutes you are going to feelthe most incredible burn. I challenge you to do this for 7 days, and let me know how you geton in the comments down below. This is part of your full-length.

Killer Abs and Fat Burn Guide, which is free at homefor everyone to access. It is right here, you guys. If you are a beginner, I recommend doing thissection of the guide. It’s around 15 minutes a day, and if you’re advanced or intermediate, you want to be doing everything on this list around 45 minutes a day.

You can download this guidein the description box. Okay, no more talking,no equipment needed. Let’s do this. Okay, we’re starting off on our back. Hands in a diamond shapeunderneath the lower back. Crunch those legs inand then straighten out. You want a slight littlepike up to the sky, reverse crunch, as you do that crunch in. Belly button back towards the spine,.

Pull that core in niceand tight, and breathe. (timer beeping) Now keep those legs straight so you’re going to take ’em to the left, then to the right. Amazing work, 10 secondsleft, keep breathing. (timer beeping) Great, all the way down, left knee bent. Right leg straight.

Come up, and back down again. Don’t worry if you can’tget the whole way up, go as high as you feel you can. (timer beeping) Straight change onto that other side. Let’s go, guys. Nearly there, come on,two more if you can. (timer beeping) Okay, fingertips by your temples.

Both knees are bent. Draw a circle with your body, and then in the other direction. (timer beeping)(instructor exhaling deeply) Okay, support the headwith your right hand. Reach to that left ankle, crunch across. (timer beeping) Okay, straight onto the other side. Support the head, sidecrunch, and then rotate.

Come on guys, you’re nearly there. (timer beeping) Okay, my nephew’s favorite. High up in that crunch. Left, right, center, center. This one burns! Oh, my gosh! Keep it moving. Now, start in the other direction.

Right, left. (timer beeping) Amazing work, bringyourselves up into sitting. I want you to roll back towhere you feel that core, hover the legs, run it out. One of the hardest exercises. Oh, my gosh! And remember, follow those modifications it it’s was a little bit too difficult.

(timer beeping) The last exercise, bring yourselves up into a plank. Hip dips to finish up. I want you nice andstrong through that core, dip to the side, and center. Remember, no overarching the back. Tuck that tailbone under, core tight. Nearly there, home straight.

(timer beeping) Amazing! Oh, my core is on fire!(instructor exhaling deeply)

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