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Japanese Souffle Pancake ! Fluffy and Delicious ! Easy homemade Souffle Pancake


Japanese Pancakes ! Soft and very tasty Thank you for watching the video! Click to subscribe to the channel to help the channel grow quickly. I use 3 eggs Separate the egg yolk I only use 2 egg yolks Stir in egg yolks Wheat flour 30g Milk 25ml Stirred.

Egg-white Salt 1/10tsp Vanilla 1/2tsp Whip the egg whites Sugar 30g put in 3 times Take 1/3 to mix with the yolk Then add in the beaten egg whites and mix well Put the dough into the triangular funnel Keep the fire low.

Brush cooking oil into the pan Squeeze the egg to make a circle Add a little water Bake for 2 minutes Add flour to make the cake thicker Bake for 3 more minutes, then flip the cake Continue to bake for another 5 minutes Powdered sugar honey.

Looks so delicious! Thank you for watching the video.
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