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INTENSE TONED ABS and WAIST in 14 Days | 6 minute Home Workout


This is your 6 minute intense abs and waist at home workout challenge. There’s just 6 minutes on the clock, 30 seconds each exercise. No breaks and trust me, you’re going to feel a burn. I want you to do this home workout three times a week, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram for a chance to be featured. Honestly, you girls are amazing. The workout results are phenomenal. You can also do a full YouTube review if you want to, like this lovely lady just here. It’s so amazing to watch.

I know how much work goes into those YouTube review videos. I’m so, so, so thankful. Also, this cute Gymshark outfit is brand new. It is launching very soon, so make sure you check out the description box. My link to shop is there as well. I massively, massively appreciate you using it. Which I know so many of you girls are already using it, so make sure you check out the description box. Okay, let’s have some fun. The music’s going to pump, let’s do this. (timer beeping).

Starting off in a side plank, you’re going to rotate and the dip, one, two, three, four. (timer beeping) Amazing, coming down now into lying, rotate, lift, lower. Okay, double the pace guys, one, two, one, two. Really rotate to hit into that waist. (timer beeping) Amazing work, feet down, reach, reach, center, center. Left, right, center, center.

(timer beeping) Good, hands in a diamond shape underneath the back, and reverse crunch, straighten, open, close. (timer beeping) Good, hold those legs out straight, wait for that beep, pull the core in tight, tap down and up, down, up, down, up. Good work, core tight you guys. (timer beeping).

Good, now open, close, open, close. If you’re struggling you guys, just bring the legs higher okay, you got this. Hi Teddy. (timer beeping) Legs down, amazing, we’re coming up into a full sit up, clap okay. (timer beeping) Amazing work, your core should be on fire.

Dead bugs, arms are up, legs are up, straighten out the opposite arm to leg, find that beat, one, two. (timer beeping) Up into sitting you guys. Okay, roll back to where you really feel that core kicking in, one, two. (timer beeping) Good, onto the other side now for that side plank.

All the way up, okay, dip, up, rotate, up. Hi Teddy. (timer beeping) Good, into a full plank to finish up, up, down. One, two, three, four, tap, tap, tap, back up, down. Nearly there you guys, 10 seconds. (timer beeping) You smashed it! Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. We are nearly at two million subscribers.

Which is blowing my mind. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much and I’m so proud of you. You are strong, you are glowing. You deserve all of this, I’m so proud of you.
Lilly Sabri

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