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INTENSE SLIMMER INNER THIGHS in 14 Days (lose fat) | 10 min Workout


This workout is a 14 day, intense inner thigh fat burn. I want you to take on the workout challenge. I want you to do this workout for 14 days, in a row, to get results like these ladies, just here. No equipment needed. 10 minutes on the clock. I recommend doing this, with my cardio workouts, to get epic results. Let’s do this. Start in a wide squat. Come up onto your toes. From there, we’re just going to pulsate. 15 seconds on each exercise. Yes, it’s going to burn! I want you to breathe, and pull your core in tight. Legs a little bit wider. Feet are flat. Come onto your toes on one side. Shift, shift, then raise your toes.

Onto the other side. Good work. Your thighs should already be on fire! Wide squat now Pulse for two, then shift sides. Really thinking about the inner thighs. Chest open. Good work. Move onto one side of the mat. We’re going for a deep side lunge. As we lift, pump the leg out to the side. Core tight. Side lunge, and lift and lower. Don’t forget to breathe. Keep your core really nice and tight. Chest open. We’ve got this.

Come onto the other side of the mat. This is my stronger side. My uninjured side. Hopefully it will be a bit better! We’ve got this. Down onto the mat now. We’re doing a bridge. Make the legs wide. Touch the inner thighs together. Come up, pump, then lower halfway. Squeezing the inner thighs together. Hold at the top. Squeeze those inner thighs. Squeeze the butt, and pump there. Onto your side. We’re targeting these adductor muscles. Hook the upper leg on top. Lift the underneath leg. Pump, lift and lower. Keep going!.

Hold at the top, and pump it. Come into a side plank. Come onto your forearm. Take the weight through the upper leg. Hover the underneath leg. Touch it down, then lift it. Core really nice and tight. I know this one burns! If you’re struggling, drop your leg down, and distribute the weight evenly. Ten seconds. Great work. Straight onto the other side. Just a few exercises left. Hook the leg over. Flex the foot. Come up and pump.

Keep pushing. Hold at the top, and pump. Last exercise. We’ve got to even you out. Bend the underneath knee. Start by lifting here. Keep the weight through the upper leg. If you can, hover this leg. Touch it down, then up. Ten seconds. You did it! Don’t forget, you can buy this resistance band on my website. We are almost sold out! Please don’t miss out. The link is in the description box below.

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Lilly Sabri

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