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INTENSE LOWER ABS FAT BURN in 14 Days | 5 min Home Workout


Today’s home workout is a five minute intense lower abs fat burn workout. Yes, we’re going to be working into that stubborn pooch area. I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row. It’s just 5 minutes long. Everyone has five minutes in their day! You can get epic results, like these girls, here. Don’t forget, you want to couple this with cardio fat burn exercises. I have so many on my channel! No equipment. let’s do it! For our first exercise, we’re going to crunch in, straighten, then flutter kick for four. Eye gaze forward. Chin towards the chest.

Pull your stomach muscles in, nice and tight. We have 30 seconds on each exercise. Good. From there, come up. We are running the legs out, one at a time. Balancing on those butt bones. Breathing and looking forwards. Come all the way down. Open the legs apart. We’re going with a crunch, and then a full roll-up. You can do this! 5 minutes, that’s all. We’ve got this. Both legs up, into scissors. We’re tapping one foot down, and back up again.

The further away you tap, the harder it is. Good. Hands in a diamond shape, underneath the lower back. Flutter kick your legs down, then back up again. Stay at the bottom. Flex the feet. Flutter kick up and down, then open and close. 10 of each. Reverse crunch, then straighten the legs out and open and close. Good work. Straight into hundreds. Bring your legs up. Pump the arms up and down. To make it harder, you’re going to straighten and bend. Come on, nearly there! Up into sitting. Rolling back and pulling your stomach muscles in nice and tight.

Crunch in, and straighten. Come into a boat hold. Your core should be on fire! Lift your legs up. Face the palms upwards. Relax those shoulders. Breathe. We’ve got this. 20 seconds that’s all. Only if you feel able, you’re going to straighten your legs. Please do smash that thumbs up button. It really supports my channel! Also, click subscribe if you haven’t already. I upload daily workout videos, and I don’t want you missing them! See you tomorrow for another one!.
Lilly Sabri

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