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INTENSE LADDER ABS and FAT BURN HIIT | 30 minute Home Workout


Hey hello guys welcome back happy monday welcome to a new guide dom my beautiful assistant is not going to come on camera but give me oh god you’ve never been good at throwing so my sister just threw me this because my bands have launched as you already know and if.

You’ve already got one so if you’re one of my ladies in dubai or one of my ladies who um bought them in the last launch please grab your hip band because you are gonna need it how fresh does that look dom have you got your hip band yeah she got it she got it so if you’ve got an adjustable band of.

Course you can use it instead but if not oh there was the other hit back if not grab your hip right today it’s gonna be brutal i’m not gonna lie i’m gonna absolutely kill your body sorry but in a great way and so we’re doing ladder here okay so just to tell you what it’s going to be and i’m going to show you through.

All of the exercises so we have minimal breaks throughout the workout and basically you’re going to sweat burn hate me but then love me after so we have 30 seconds on the first exercise 10 seconds off then 40 seconds on 10 seconds off 50 seconds on 10 seconds off so that.

Makes up two and a half minutes for those three exercises we are doing the same exercise okay 30 on 10 or 40 on 10 or 50 on 10 off then we go into our next set of exercises and we do five of those so it’s going to be absolutely brutal after that.

We’re going in for 15 minutes 45 seconds on 15 seconds off this is all about the abs and fat burn okay so while i’m showing you your five exercises please type in where you are in the world right now because i would love to know okay first exercise we’re going.

To keep it super simple okay it’s double pulsate in out pulsate in out if you can’t do that step and beginners i’m going to show you modifications throughout second one my sister’s favorite so this will be round two is your fast feet when i clap you have two options you can even tack.

Jack or when i clap you can go with a squat exercise two exercise three we’re coming down to the mat we’re gonna be doing our up down plaques okay so one two three four shoulder tap shoulder tap and back down beginners just come on the knees that’s three.

Exercise four is going to be a burpee you can choose what level of burpee you want you can either go with the half birth you jump in stand or full burpee all the way down and back up again exercise five it’s gonna be a surprise okay guys let’s warm up the body we’re just gonna.

Start off with a few squats and up we haven’t got a timer on the warm-up we’re just getting our body ready okay this is gonna hurt guys where’s bending forward squat bend and.

Up brazil yeah toes up just really warming up into those hamstrings guys the first exercise we’ve jumped in and out.

Okay get ready guys first exercise so just jog on the spot while i’m showing you first one one two in out going in three going into going in one let’s go come on guys thirty seconds start off okay sorry teddy dumb i can’t see you why have you not started.

Beginners step if you’re struggling come on let’s go 10 seconds come on guys four three two and one ten second break same exercise okay we’ve got this going it gets harder as we go up that ladder.

Beginning stage one two three four speed it up if you can half way come on suffering what the hell is going on 10 seconds come on five four three two breathe it out so so far it feels okay.

But trust me i’m gonna kill you okay three two same thing let’s go one two and out nice and low bump the grass come on walk to grass after this song guys we’re gonna pump it up we’re gonna get some faster music.

Going 30 seconds as we go in beginners keep going keep freaking going come on 20 seconds go dom stop stopping everyone else stop stopping come on three two one and done fast feet guys when i clap you either go with a tuck jump.

Or a squat going in three two five feet let go come on 10 seconds recovery then we’re going in again come on we got this five four three two every time.

hallway guys come on you can do this three two one come on give it to me.

foreign finish it up come on finish it off three two done hold on guys that’s exercise number two down to your mat we’re going with our.

Planks we are starting in ten seconds down up shoulder tap shoulders have dads alex i need you coming in three two one down and up go one two three four oh.

Ten seconds here come on three two finish it up ten seconds going in again we’re gonna mix it up halfway through.

In five four it’s your last one 10 seconds come on course five four three two one and down thirteen.

Okay this is where it gets nasty pick the level that suits you no excuses beginners i’m gonna start you off guys i want you counting your reps and typing in how many you get in between alex begin as i’ll start you off going in three.

Two one wait yeah i need you to i want a better song can we ever bet ourselves otherwise no one’s moving anywhere three two one let’s go do not freaking jump eight seven six five four three.

Two and one great ten seconds going again in five seconds three and five let’s go come all right ten seconds guys there we go again.

Alex if i screaming too much or too loud he says i’m talking too much sorry guys going three seconds two one let’s go come on come seconds on is you against you why stop when you have a goal why stop that counts for my sister.

Wait a second come on four three two and one breathe bring guys cut two lunges okay last one of the ladder breathe have a moment it changes each one guys so it’s a little bit different okay i want.

You to jump the foot or step the first it’s up to you 30 seconds going in four going in three going two and four three two let go stepping or jumping 50.

Around your ankles let’s go come on ten seconds this one drives me crazy new villa jumping out squats let’s go 50 seconds come on.

Begin it come on everything you got you should be jumping if you can hey second 20 seconds 20 seconds have a quick zip of water okay i’m not gonna say that was your warm-up but that wasn’t the hardest part okay.

We’re now at the top of the mountain we’re gonna freaking stay there okay 45 seconds on 15 seconds off all right guys abs have a fat burn okay wow says all right i want you all holding at your bicycle 15 minutes going in 10 9 8 seven going six five.

Four three two okay lift and lower okay let’s go stop come on six five two give your advice okay we’re going in eight seconds you’re still holding lift those legs up hundreds step four in.

Three and two let’s go right here two three four again let’s go if your hips are hurting open your legs feel it enjoy it 15 seconds 10 seconds.

Hold if you are strong enough hold throughout your breaks next up guys one two three four sticking to that one side three two one let’s go four three two take five.

Here do not stop and come really nice and tight in that crunch feed crunches okay after this one guys we’re going back into fat bird to enjoy this three seconds three two feet crunches oh.

Five four three two one and down quickly pop your bands just around your ankles straight back up into standing this time we’re going with eight jumps in and out okay eight punches three two one let’s go.

Come on guys five four three two one come on good work guys good work okay four jump in outs then four plank jacks so we come down whoops four three two one and up.

Four three two one let’s go oh uh 10 seconds come on finish it off just above your knees okay gonna jump in jump out jump up one.

Two up push out push out 15 seconds oh my god give me everything come on come on three two one van gaal.

Rockets guys keep it close by okay the frogger is where you jump or step your feet towards your hands and your hands come up three two one let’s go begin good step the feet it’s up to you.

But do not stop okay come on let’s release those keep going eight seven six five four three two relax onto your stomach expertise counting your rep okay guys going in ten seconds count your rest i’m not gonna.

Lie you have two rounds of purpose including this one then you’re done with the back piece two one let’s go come on come on 15 seconds guys come on.

Okay three three you have eight mountain climbers into eight plank jacks okay so it’s here eight here eight one okay.

Second i know who you are i know where you are and i’m watching you okay come on keep going seven six five four three two and one that’s good okay back up into standing we’re going with husky jumps okay.

We’re coming back down to the mat straight after this so it’s here and we pause step if you want to two one let’s go come on push it push it push it i want that heart stability.

10 seconds keep pushing a little bit lower okay all right eight dip bugs eight mountain climbers here for eight here for eight let’s go eight seven open switch.

And stripes 15 seconds come on should be starting to feel a little bit jelly okay i’ve been sitting roll back hold hold follow me three hover the right leg i’m gonna crunch in let’s go eight seven six five four three two.

Three eight six four three both legs up and hold five four three two that is the last ab exercise then we’re finishing off with a tiny little marathon okay legs up reaching to the feet.

If you’re a beginner crunch three two one let’s go oh okay your last exercise in the marathon okay if you feel like you haven’t quite given me everything and after this workout you’re gonna say i’m really annoyed at myself for not.

Giving it everything this is your opportunity right now okay it is three minutes long alex if you don’t have a three minutes just go to 45 15 and i’ll let everyone know okay so one circuit three minutes each for those of you who haven’t done a marathon with me.

Before don’t worry i’m gonna guide you okay so basically we are to be doing just squats and burpees all right so we start off with one of each then two of each then three of each so you’re going to be doing one jump squat like so followed by one butter pink like so then.

One two one two then three and three beginners follow me you go with a normal squat and a stepping burpee we are starting in 15 seconds jog on the spot to get yourselves ready okay i’m gonna get rid of my math you should be jogging on the spot.

So get yourselves ready go in six five beginners follow me in three two one beginners squat there’s two two and three come on at one minute and a half we go back down come on give me absolutely 45 seconds.

remember where you just got up to we’re going back down hit five hit four hit three try and get all the way back down let’s go.

so 45 just over 30 seconds come on 30 seconds.

Twenty seconds have a moment i am so freaking proud of you breathe okay guys you made it i would love to say you’re finished but you have a finisher alex i think it might be on the screen somewhere here.

If it’s not don’t worry about it it fits the guide you’ve been in the playlist guys it’s going to quickly show you now and while i’m showing you that i also wanted to let you guys know something really cool gymshark are launching so much on thursday.

So i’m gonna really quickly show you some of it just so you know what’s coming up but the playlists work like this okay you go to the playlist section on my youtube channel right at the top next to videos and community you can see here that it says 7a.

Full body tone and fat burn challenge one so that’s for day one you click in there we’re about to have a second finish your video for you okay how are you guys how you feeling so you should be sweaty and this is what i mean by it’s 30 minutes slightly over 30 minutes if you can give me.

Your undivided attention and everything for 30 minutes the amount you will get out of it is freaking phenomenal okay so you’ve so got this we’re in it together for a full week okay we can do this so yeah let me know what you think of this this is gymshark new.

Here’s all the rest alex is about to literally load me up so all of this guys bar a few whoop he’s launching oh gosh i hope gymshark aren’t watching right now because this is not a neat pile but it was earlier i promise okay so there are three new launches i don’t have a chair or anything do you.

Know what i’m going to do i’m going to use the set i’ll use the basket use the tripod the tripod behind me how do i balance it on the track yeah i don’t know what i’m doing guys okay quickly so vital this is the vital seamless they are.

Bringing out new colorways in the vital seamless i’m wearing a size small for those of you who sit around the uk size 8 i don’t know what that is in the us i would recommend potentially sizing down because of this so i.

In most of gymshark stuff i’m a um am a small i am a small that’s the weirdest thing to say but anyway yeah you can see that it’s just a little bit loose but i have to say these are unbelievable for cardio they’re absolute classics i would say the medium not the medium sports bra the small sports bra again i could.

Probably go extra small whereas in other gym shark stuff i’m like 100 or small so in the animal in the flex i’m 100 or small but in this i think i should maybe have gone extra small i find these a little bit baggy but don my sister is a very similar size to me and she loves the small on her she likes a.

Little bit more room so it depends on your style i like being sucked in really nice and tight and so this is the seamless um basically it’s the same as the other seamless but they’re bringing it out in different colorways so the orange kind of obsessed with teddy’s can you see what’s happened.

This is so cute so ted has found his little bed haven’t you so i’m going to show you the rest of the seamless guys just so you can see it and the orange i just posted in my facebook group and i know you guys loved it so that’s why i ended up wearing it today so this is the seamless shorts.

Which i’ve never had before but i’ve been told these are the best fit in shorts of gymshark by other girls who wear them so i love the flex shorts but apparently these are unbelievable on they’re a little bit shorter which i think might be a little bit more flattering because the other ones come a bit lower and they kind of dig in.

Whereas these are a bit shorter so it might be a little bit more flattering but keep your eye on my instagram and i’ll keep you updated on my stories of like little mini halls and this is this part of the seamless yeah seamless crop if you want me to just try it on for you girls nice and sweaty.

Why not okay very light much lighter material than the flex and the animal in my opinion and the camo and it’s like quite quite thin material in comparison so it’s more breathable for sweating but at the same time the leggings hold you in for cardio which i really like.

They’re not like super light like the studio and which don’t really give you much support there more for yoga pilates i have no idea what that looks like but i’m sure you girls will let me know that is the crop and it has i don’t know if you can see here it’s kind of tighter here so it hugs into.

The wrist area which i think is really really flattering super comfy for those of you who have long arms like me or you’re just a long person i tend to find that these really dig into my thumbs because i’ve got really long arms but they’re actually not too bad um but what you can always do which i.

Tend to do is this and for my shorter girls you can do exactly the same thing just double over so that is that they also have what i was wearing earlier which my sister was like what the hell is that when she saw it come out of the pack but i think these look gorgeous on i really love them they get hot like a.

Crop they get hot but these are a really nice little touch i don’t know what they’re called maybe like a shrub or something but again part of the vital seamless shrub there we go i was right super cute so this is what i was wearing at the beginning of the video.

We’ve also got that in the orange as well but i’d recommend kind of coupling it together with another color i think it’s really cute and i’m going to show you the other colors of the seamless now again a little bit tighter on the on the arms on the lower arms which kind of holds it in place.

Always feels like i’m trying to pull down another bit i have no mirror in front of me so i’m hoping that that’s kind of on right yeah so that’s the top bit there which i think is really cute or you could go with a slightly lower v cut if you wanted a little bit more cleavage why not right kitty pig.

I’m so sorry but you’re right on my pile okay so the others from the seamless the other colors which are beautiful this is called cherry brown how nice is that so it’s kind of i think that’s more of a wintry color but i guess if you’re in the uk this is probably perfect nice right.

Nice nice there you go such a nice fit and they’re long they’re pretty long there you go there’s a little cool down for me girls if you have any questions literally chuck them through right now by the way this is yours today yeah yeah i think they’re worldwide they are worldwide however.

There’s just a few countries check on their website that they don’t deliver to and it really is just a few and the black as well as i said that i mean if you haven’t tried the gym shark john have you tried let me chuck your pen let you see how nice they are if you haven’t tried the gym shark see uh vital seamless before like.

They’re classics they’re so nice and i’ve only got them in one pair um but they’re and like everyone kind of needs to have them if you want like a classic that’s really really durable now um nice out they don’t no you are not taking them she just put them over her shoulder like these are mine.

And you’ve also got the shorts in the black as well and this is the crop in that cherry that is gonna look so nice actually isn’t it that’s a really flattering color i think okay so what else do we have here any other questions guys quickly chuck them through that was the black that i just.

Showed you on right the other thing that i want to show you so this is a new vital okay this is called the vital rise yes vital rise they come in three colors and i have to say these are so beautiful now i’m gonna wear them.

On wednesday i’m gonna be totally honest with you girls which i always am i tried it on and i was gonna wear it for today’s live however in my opinion they come up big so i’m gonna i might even run and quickly put them on now to show you so i would 100 need an extra small in the leggings probably in the top for.

Some reason i find these come up a little bit bigger mainly around the waist so the waist is like this on me but quite a bit more whereas if i was extra small it’d probably fit like the flex like really really hugs in so that’s a heads up for those of you who are kind of like in between sizes.

The colors are so nice there’s a gray as well it’s kind of like the i can’t remember how they described it but it’s like the updated luxury version of the vital seamless okay similar color you’re not wearing the same one she’s like look at me by the way you’re probably thinking why.

Am i talking behind the camera dom why aren’t you coming on camera gone i’m too famous my sister okay god dom um never comes on social media in fact you don’t even have facebook and that’s saying something so anyway these are the colors the gray the pink and the what color would this.

Be called it’s kind of like a leaning turquoise they’ve called it dark washed jade mole fancy fancy so anyway these are the new vital rise and they’re probably one of my favorites from gymshark colorways i think they’re beautiful i’m going to show you some of the kind of.

Different finishings on them let me show you in the pink because that’s my favorite so they have this zip at the back which i think is super cool bye dom they have this zip at the back where you could store your phone or whatnot it’s a really thick waistband i don’t think would your phone yeah your phone probably would actually.

Um i’m sure they designed it for an iphone to fit let’s be real they’ve got the scrunch bum at the back which you already know how i feel about this this is on the camo they’re what it’s one of the most flattering bums like it’s so good for an hourglass is anyone still watching yeah oh cool oh wow guys hi.

Thanks for staying around this is very impromptu yet again and i’m going to tell you why it’s impromptu because basically my deliveries kept get keep getting held up in customs in dubai so the soul lift arrived two weeks after it was initially in customs in dubai so this has arrived and these launch on.

Thursday at 7pm uk time and we’ve already filmed all of our workouts for this week so i’m not wearing this in any of the workouts because i only picked out this morning so that is why this isn’t impromptu life i talk a lot okay cute scrunch bum size down recommended again lighter material definitely lighter than the.

Camo i’m going to show you what i mean in a second we’ll grab a camo alex is it too much to ask you to try and guess what a camo is from the wardrobe either we’ve got a black camo we’ve got like a berry winterberry camo and we’ve got a lighter kind of turquoisey camo let’s see if he comes back with the.

Right thing so yeah quite a lot of stretch at the back it’s got butt supportive very similar to these like supportive for cardio and you know you know so this is the camo in black one of my favorites as you guys know and i’m going to show you what i mean by.

How much stretch they’ve got so this is me pulling this is like a resistance band test so this is me really pulling with that okay and now i’m going to show you really pulling with this i don’t know if this is an accurate test but can you see the difference there’s a lot more give in these and.

In my opinion that’s because it’s a more breathable thinner material i don’t know the science behind it this is just me kind of giving you the facts but what i in terms of what i think what i find interesting is even though it’s a lot more breathable and a lot thinner.

I tried it on and i was jumping around in it and it still feels like it would be really really good for cardio and really supportive so similar but this has i would say this really sucks you in this sucks your whim for cardio but it feels more breathable so i don’t know how they’ve done that i don’t know but i love it and i’ll be.

Wearing this in wednesday’s live um what else did that show you there’s a really nice little finishing at the bottom where can you see how that rounds off like that so it changes length around the calf um would they call it a seven eight in length they haven’t written it but i’d.

Say it’s a seven eight it’s pretty much full length similar to these so it’ll just kind of swing on the ankle a bit depending on how lanky you are like me um and then this is another key part you have a very can you see the contour do you know what i mean by a contour you have a very small.

Contour line that goes like that yeah no jenna join me to check in another color see if you can see anymore i would have got the grey oh no are we still live now we think so that is the contour line there.

Which if you don’t know i find extreme contours sometimes not as flattering but they’re so good for the bum i thought it was raining in dubai then it’s the sprinklers on the grass they’ve gone crazy um but yeah this subtle contour line will be really really good for the bum.

And another thing to compare it to is the flex the flex has that contour line but it’s a lot heavier whereas this contour line is a lot more subtle if you’re not wanting as much of a hey here’s my bum and it looks great and so yeah that is that and sports bras i’m going to quickly show you as well.

Let’s show this in the other color it’s a double layer which is so flattering i think it is gorgeous so it again it’s quite high like this but it has that double layer on top which i think gives a sporty but kind of slightly sexy look so it’s sporty but it.

Kind of gives it a bit of a vum as well if you know what i mean but it’s not super low cut where it’s like two in your face um and then you like in my descriptions alex and then at the back again sporty super cute it’s like you’ve layered two crop tops together which is what i do sometimes because i love that.

Aesthetic um so super cute again i honestly think we need to size down in this for me so you would probably be the same unless you’re like my sister and like it to be really really breathable should have i got time to really quickly chuck on no damn it but you can probably see what i.

Mean i personally think let’s just show you compared to this because these are one of the for me most figure hugging and i think it’s because they’re super high waisted and bear in mind they’ve been worn a lot i really hope this proves my point it might not.

Ah yeah it does can you see there slightly bigger am i right can you see this hand here yeah very slightly it’s like what half a centimeter but when they’re on i think it’s probably because it’s no the waistband is super thick i would just size down.

That’s my opinion you might not agree that that’s my opinion but yeah all in all i hope you like them um if you have any questions come into my private facebook group that’s where i’m going to be answering all the questions about these um the link to that private facebook.

Group is in the description box and also if you are going to shop on thursday uk time 7 p.m if you wouldn’t mind using my link i really appreciate it like really really appreciate it and i know it’s an extra step for you to do but all you have to do is just literally click on my link and then when you shop from.

There on out it kind of shows that i’ve led you there and so i’d really appreciate that but anyway my head’s half cut off goodbye guys well done you smashed it um and yeah let me know how you got on on your instagram stories that oh yeah bye guys i love you well done smashed it.

That’s going straight in the wash
Lilly Sabri

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