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INTENSE BUTT LIFT in 7 Days (shape your butt) | 10 minute Workout


Today’s home workout, is a butt lift. Yes, we are going to be working into your butt. We are rounding and lifting your butt. I’m so excited. It is just 10 minutes long. All you need is a resistance band, if you’ve got one. If you don’t, please don’t worry You can still get amazing results, like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Let’s feel the burn. Starting off, nice and low. Weight back through the heels. Chest open and step. Keeping low, That’s how you’re going to really burn your butt muscles. If you don’t have a resistance band, please don’t worry. You can do this without and it will still burn.

Keep your knees wide. Push out against the band. Come on. Great work. Go to the top of your mat now. We’re doing a reverse lunge. As we come up, pump up against the band. We’re going straight on to the other side now. I’m not going to lie, I filmed another booty workout before this, and my butt is on fire. Lunge back. Flex the foot, and pump up. Great work. Down onto your mat now. My butt is jelly! Come back onto your forearms. Push out. Come all the way down. Crab bridge. Feet together, knees apart.

Pump up for 3, then come halfway down. Now hold at the top. Squeeze your butt muscles. As high as you can! Knees wide, squeeze. Dig your heels in, and take your feet away from your butt. We’re going to come up, open, close, and down. We are targeting the hamstrings, the muscles down the back of the legs. Hold at the top. Squeeze there. Move the feet further away, if you can, make it harder. Come up onto all fours. We are going with fire hydrants.

Lift up to the side. Pump up, and lower. Let’s go. Hold at the top, squeeze and pump it. Wow… my outer butt! We’re going to even you out now. On to the other side. Nice strong movements. Come onto your back. We’re going back into those bridges now. But this time, our toes are really wide. Come up for me. Squeeze. Open as wide as you can, then close. If you can, go fast on the way out, and slow on the way in. Hold as wide as you can, and pump out.

Stay in a bridge to finish the exercise. Feet are flat. Pump up for 10, then pump out for 10. Just before this, I filmed a half an hour booty workout for my brand new app! My butt is on fire! I hope yours is too, you smashed it!
Lilly Sabri

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