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Intense BACK WORKOUT At Home | 8 minutes | No.12


What’s unfamiliar this is your 8 minute sexy back and shoulders workout everyone has 8 minutes in their day and this is going to help you to tone and sculpt into its beautiful sexy back this is part of your 40 day of summer shred workout challenge but you can do this video on its own if you want to now let’s get those beautiful backs nice and.

Sculpted all you need is a set of dumbbells if you have them don’t worry that’s not water buckles are fine we’re gonna hinge forward through those hips nice tight core I want you to squeeze the shoulder blades together lock them in and grow back really importantly you’re nice to control with this movement and I want a split second hold.

At the top to squeeze those shoulder blades together we’ve got 50 seconds on it’s 10 seconds recovery amazing black guys we’re not going to repeat the same exercises it’s time we had to go with a single row extend back into a tricep kick and lower alternating.

Sides single arm right tricep extension and lower us making sure you’re squeezing those shoulder blades together and keeping the core tight okay now with hawk way we’re going to keep that arm up and we’re going to move tonight here they’re keeping it up squeezing those shoulder blades.

good but next up is a fly so exactly the same starting position but the weight hike through the hills we have a slight bend in the elbow we’re going to squeeze the shoulder blades together and slowly lower back down breath out as you come up wrecked in as we lower.

good work from there we’re coming down onto our master head within the all fours position we’re gonna start up with a nice neutral spine the core is tight you’re going to lift the arm up and if you can you’re straightening out the opposite leg meat that our way to the knees and extend.

okay we’re going to change the slide tip crunching in and extend get it right guys from that we get to come all the way down into lying the arms around from tuna likley the chest comes the legs we lift the opposite leg to on swimming breathing and controlling.

The movement if you can see you go a little bit faster keep looking down when I saw you on the dance floor I was a Jew who’s a meat first I guess it’s history now and I should occur but it still hurts I didn’t realize the danger and the music was so loud I didn’t get.

Your name about this crowd Oh James the same condition this time what I want you to do is keep the leg down lift the arm up squeeze to show your legs and come back again so it’s like you’re going diving into a swimming pool yes leaving my shoulder legs as usual with the arms back.

if you struggle just low for a second leave the butt muscles on the pool then come back here keep looking down find you animals dragon for two looking everywhere doesn’t make sense because I do other good but from that we.

Need to come on up up to your knees and now I’m gonna go with a shoulder exercise so it’s taking the arm to 90 degrees on the right out we’re gonna press and lower then we rotate down and up good this is a burner this one we can do it guys.

girl you should wear a nametag about the blue yellow makes me oh wow I am feeling it we’re going back into our first exercise which was the road to finish up they pack the double on row let go split second hold at the top really squeezing and lowering and soon we’re gonna mix this up make it a little bit harder okay.

Now I like to hold and squeeze from his we squeeze squeeze squeeze we’re gonna alternate tricep kickbacks weave that back someone’s all the way through 20 seconds faster let’s go keep squeezing the bad guys squeeze those shoulder blades I really hope you enjoyed that burn guys.

If you did please do smash the thumbs up button on way more on horses they hit the subscribe and the bell icon next to it because you will get a notification of every time I upload a new workout so you don’t want to miss out what see you tomorrow guys thought you Italy’s loves me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I.

Would starve
Lilly Sabri

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