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INTENSE ABS in 30 Days CHALLENGE 🔥 | Day 5


Whatever familiar welcome back to day number five of your 30-day intense abs challenge guys don’t forget that after day five you are going to be repeating day one three to five six times to make up your 30 day challenge for today’s workout I need you to grab a weight or in my case a water bottle I’m in Tokyo at the moment this is all I could grab.

This is absolutely fine we have 30 seconds on each exercise back to back for five minutes without further ado let’s turn those ABS okay so we’re starting up by rolling back to our bison quick and twisting side to side in a Russian fit making sure that you’re taking the weight from hips roots and hip joint and following the weight with.

Your eyes okay to make sure you getting a full rotation working into those oblique muscles the muscles on the side of the body good works 10 seconds left pulling in really nice and tight through the core just five minutes we can do this incredible now we’re going to hold the weight up you know crunch the right leg.

In towards the chest and straighten it out crunching the body in and then rolling it back out again good whack now I’m doing this on the bed as you both know with I’m in a tiny little area B here in Tokyo and it’s the only space I’ve got so literally wherever you can do this guy’s we’re in it together this five minutes.

Amazing changing sides and after crunching in and dropping back so working the shoulders a little bit here as well good work well and if you’ve got two weights in your hands amazing 15 seconds left on really working that core whoa keep breathing incredible work should be really feeling but we’re working into the curl all or.

Layers of the apps amazing lying down for me now by bending the knees we’re going to take the arms up and over the head roll up punch to the sky and back down again a full roll up and punch amazing work controlling that movement and breathing incredible nearly there whoa dropping that off to the side now guys we have a set of hundreds the legs.

Are up and we’re gonna pump the arms up and down as we do this we straighten the legs out and then draw them back in again good work just keeping us still if you need to come on dig deep and perch boom 30 days of abs it’s just five minutes a day push fish fish incredible we’re now going to come in touching the ankle as we straighten the legs out the.

Arms go in a circle shape I came round and did open up round and in the lower you straighten the legs to the floor the harder it is incredible ten seconds left amazing guys amazing now a diamond shape with the hand poking them underneath the small of the back lift those legs up to the sky you’re gonna lower one leg down and back up again and changing sides.

Good luck this is it’s really good luck putting those stomach muscles in super tight controlling the movement nearly there no more incredible we’re gonna lower both legs down now okay we’re gonna flex the feet and we’re gonna flutter kick up and down good work my legs my very long legs might be out of the frame here and.

The higher up you are the easier it is you can you’re lowering down really nice and close to the floor pretty hard on the bed good luck come on amazing okay we’re now going to grab a hold of the weights again I hadn’t done to our right side as we crunch up we’re gonna tap towards the left okay open over and back.

Good wack making sure you’re really rotating guys the woodchopper movement incredible straight change as we come up as we rotate holding they stomach massive in and breathing come on guys this is our last exercise keep digging deep nearly there guys now as a little bonus we’re going to do a.

Boat hold to finish off a cake so we’re going to roll back to our biting quit pull the stomach muscles in legs and tight relax those shoulders and lift the legs up thirty seconds that is all if anyone can I want those legs straight the collarbones are nice and open we aren’t breathing good you’re already halfway someone deep deep if you can for.

The last 10 10 seconds lift the arms up breathe breathe breathe whoa okay guys you want to hold it guys you made it oh my gosh I tell you what doing this on a bed it’s actually really really tough it really challenges you I am so so proud of you guys please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button it really supports my channel and also here.

The subscribe button because you do not want to miss out on what’s coming up next is we’re hitting that subscribe button guys what good luck with the rest of your talents Lucy thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I was found waited like forever to be your plus-one but is.

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