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INTENSE ABS in 30 Days CHALLENGE 🔥 | Day 4


What is that familiar we are back for day number four of your 30-day ABS challenge I hope you’re burning I hope you’re enjoying it we’re back on the bed again today and yes I am gonna be burning into all four layers of your core in five minutes one minute on each exercise again five exercises and that is it guys zero equipment needed let’s.

Do this so we’re starting off sitting upright the collarbones are open that the shoulders are relaxed we’re gonna roll back to our biting point the point where our cause really having to work straighten out the right leg we crunch in and straight to back good whack now guys please don’t think you have to copy me by doing this on the bed we’re much.

Better doing this on a nice flat surface it’s just I’m in Tokyo and there’s literally no space here is the smallest little apartment okay changing sides form you guys crunching in and back out and this is proof you can work out literally anywhere trust me I’m gonna have your core burning by the end of this 20 seconds just five minutes good.

Whack and do this before school before work we’ve got this ten seconds left come on incredible lying down on your back now we’re going to go with a set of bicycle double leg tabletop we’re straightening the elbow to opposite knee touching as we crunch in good work 45 seconds left.

One minute on each exercise we can do it good luck 30 seconds left you can do it guys make sure you’re really rotating the body as you crunch across 20 seconds come on dig deep nearly that.

well thirty seconds amazing okay from there you’re gonna interlock the fingers place the hands at the back of the head come high in the crunch and open their elbow double leg tabletop you’re tapping the toes down and back up again coming no closer than ninety degrees if you can guys I’m with this toe tap exercise the.

Further away you tap through your body the harder it is okay come on there’s three of five we can do it good luck thirty Seconds dig deep keep that core nice and tight I’m never giving up go guys twenty seconds left that is all whoo come on squats 10 seconds then we got just two minutes left after that that is all don’t give up now your sony.

That who bring yourself up into sitting with a slight bend in the leg we’re gonna go with a full roll down all the way down and then use that core strength to bring yourself back up again if you need to go for momentum taking the arms up and over the head 45 seconds left good whack squat come on no giving up.

Keep breathing keep pushing you can do it for the last 15 seconds we’re gonna mix it up a little bit which is now so if you’re rolling back to your biting point relax the shoulders and you’re gonna lift a few inches lower few inches breathe under 10 seconds left go all the way down for you guys we now have a set of hundreds of to finish up double-leg.

Tabletop nice and high in the Crouch I’m you’re gonna pump those arms up and down now to mix this up a little bit we’re gonna push the leg away and bring it back and back good whack keep the lower back flat keep the eye gaze forward okay come on eyes looking forward pumping those arms up and down this is our last 30 seconds come on spud.

Don’t give up so nearly there guys come on just thirty seconds left keep pushing whoa amazing okay if you can for the last 15 seconds you are going to straighten both legs out and pump come on ten seconds three three three my core is on fire guys you smashed it through a day at number four we’ve got just one day left.

Of this challenge before you repeat those five days six times to make up your 30-day challenge I really really hope you enjoyed the bone if you did enjoyed the bone please do smash that thumbs up button also even more importantly hit the subscribe button because it means you’re not going to miss what’s coming up next because if.

You don’t hit that subscribe button you’re not gonna see what I’ve got coming your way and there’s some epic epic stuff oh my gosh I actually can’t wait to like feel my own body transform and I want to take you on that journey with me guys what see you smart be another one thought you really loved me guess I was wrong.

Thought you’d never leave me guess I was waited like forever to be your plus-one but is eula turn left me at the party out of the blue
Lilly Sabri

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