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INTENSE ABS in 30 Days CHALLENGE 🔥 | Day 3


Well that familiar welcome back today at number three of your 30-day abs challenge yes I am on a bed no this is not an x-rated video I am here in Tokyo for anyone who’s ever visited Tokyo you will know that when it comes to space we are very limited so this is actually the second hotel the way in and this apparently is a big place in Tokyo so I.

Have no room to work out other than on the bed so this is proof that you can workout literally anywhere zero equipment five minutes one minute on each exercise actually all you need is a pillow okay guys let’s do this so we’re starting off with the pillow on our knees our hands are up and we’re gonna straighten out the opposite arm to leg.

Okay pulling the stomach muscles in really nice and tight breathing and keeping that I gaze forward good whack actually by beating on the pet and make it a little bit harder for myself because my core is having to work to stabilize the movements good and pacing yourself you have one minute on each exercise good.

Work I can guarantee you by the end of this workout you are going to be burning in your abs 20 seconds left guys come on we can do it amazing course staying nice and tight ten seconds nearly there placing the pillow now in between the thighs squeezing the pillow together and you’re going to straighten.

The legs out then bend them back in again as you pump the arms up and down we’ve got a set of hundreds okay breath out straighten breath in and draw them back in again good whack the lower you straighten down towards the floor or the bed the harder it is amazing good work we’re already halfway 30 seconds left.

Karl guys don’t give up keep pushing 20 seconds stomach muscles nice and tight good work nearly there now ten seconds whoa incredible keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing who drop that pillow off to the side okay we’re now going to crunch in with both legs to touch our ankles and then.

Drop the arms and legs back again the lower but you straight into the floor the harder it is guys this is just three minutes left for under three minutes I want those ABS on fire core layers burning keep pushing 30 seconds left whoa come on dig deep dig deep amazing work girls got 15 seconds.

incredible dropping both legs down now your fingertips are by your temples you’re gonna come over and across reaching the elbow towards the opposite knee make sure you’re really rotating your body as you do this good works but breathing 30 seconds left Cuddy.

20 don’t give up now second-to-last exercise whoa quickly come on up into sitting my very squishy bed I’m gonna pop the pillow now in between your knees roll back to your boxing point and fight not really nice.

From for that we have a one-minute vote hold 45 seconds left if you can you’re gonna lift the legs up okay staying nice and upright through the collar bones in the chest whoa that Coburn is real 30 seconds left now 30 seconds if anyone wants to you can actually straighten the legs which is pretty tough on a bed if I could do.

It cuz you can too drop the hands behind if you need them okay come on don’t give up do not give up 20 seconds squeeze that pillow whoa 15 the bonus room chest open last 10 seconds arms up if you can come on six five four three oh wow oh my gosh Tokyo you are challenging me in many.

Ways guys tomorrow’s workout you do not know where it’s gonna be it made me back on the bed it may be in a park it may be in a gym who knows but I really really hope you enjoyed that workout and if you enjoyed the craziness of it being on a bed please do smash that thumbs up button also hit subscribe and I’ll tell you why you do not want to.

Miss out on what I have coming a few guys literally it will be a big mistake to miss that so hit that subscribe button and you’ll get a nice little ping of whenever I upload a new video well that’s a lie you need to we’ll say here the bad like one guys thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I.

Would start like forever plus one but is eula turn left me at the party out of the blue
Lilly Sabri

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