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INTENSE ABS in 30 Days CHALLENGE 🔥 | Day 2


Welcome familiar welcome back to day number two of your intense abs workout challenge I really hope you are enjoying it so far today’s workout is another 5 minute workout that is all but trust me it’s gonna burn when mainly going into obliques creating that sexy 11 line up shape rise down on the mat let’s do this.

Okay so it’s knocking the fingers hand to the back of the head double it take it up there elbows are nice and wide as we tap the toe down and back up again the goal with this is to try and keep the lower back nice and flat and stay really high in the crunch elbows wide good works but come on just 30 seconds on each exercise that is though we’re.

Pushing through together amazing from there dropping the feet down keeping the head supported we’re gonna reach across the body and that making sure that you’re really were tasting as you do this one you’re reaching as far as you can go breathing up into sitting from that you.

Know roll back to your biting point Russia twist twist reach and reach making sure you’re really rotating through the spine as you do this get back amazing from that coming on down dropping both legs over in one direction we’re going to crunch up I’m using.

Breathing control for this guy’s breath out as you come up breath in as you lower good come on do not give up it’s only five minutes we can do it watch straight change dropping those legs over support the head let’s go incredible come on keep pushing.

dear Donna keeping the tension on the oblique we’re going to cover up into a Crouch reach to the ankle and the opposite ankle okay so you’re staying really nice and high in a crunch here you’re not just kind of sliding across the mat breathing push push push ten seconds left that is all.

Come on dig deep have it going into a set of dead bug snaps double it like tabletop we have two minutes left straightening and back come on guys don’t give up all the way three keep pushing oh my gosh the bone nearly back come on guys pull back up into sitting we’re going with another set of Russian twists but this time the legs are up oh.

Yes dig deep squat dig deep incredible oh don’t stop now ten seconds down into mine we have a set of hundreds keeping the feet flat coming on up into a crunch pumping the arms up and down support the head if you have to keep the core nice and tight I guess forward and breathe anyone.

Wanting to make it harder lift those legs up whenever that don’t stop come on nice and high straighten up into sitting we’re going with an unsent boat hold oh yes every single workout in this challenge we end with boat hold relax those shoulders you’re fine to get stronger and stronger every single day fifteen seconds if.

Anyone can straighten the legs out come on don’t give up ten seconds dig deep dig deep I’ll stop if you can oh wow we made it guys please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button also hit the subscribe button because you don’t want to miss out on the other workout videos I have cover for you I received today I thought you really loved me.

Guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I was waiting like forever to be your plus-one but eula turn left me at the party out of the
Lilly Sabri

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