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INTENSE ABS in 30 Days CHALLENGE 🔥 | Day 1


What’s up family welcome to your 30-day intense abs workout challenge if you are joining this challenge you are going to be completing a 5 minute workout just 5 minutes every day for 30 days starting today you have five workouts that you repeat 6 times these workouts are designed to help you sculpt into a flat toned rip stomach are you ready let’s do this so it’s done it will fight imprinting the spine so to lift that up straight legs and we’re going through the hundreds we have 30 seconds on each each exercise 10 exercises 5 minutes only but trust me it’s going to burn okay if your head and neck are a little bit sore.

Support your head and breathe maybe it’s gonna come straight up into distant come back up to your arm bend the legs give a string one leg out and bring it back in again Julia breathing control breath out strictest breath in draw back yet good go it’s a bird oh- over the course we’re like really really deep into the lower arms the obliques helped to create sexy 11 line back incredible now lying down for me lift the left to the side and try to reach towards the toes go back again breathing control so I guess we’ve got it the but it’s starting to kick in guy.

Comes in a jar and shake now must meet the saloon of the back with your leg up into attack straight to the left out lots of the legs down seconds do not give up well you may track down the good things ahead with the right has Sydney the best and we’re going to reach to the left and cool at back give us really proud cheeks inside here make a straight change other side – and hold on the Fed hoped homes guys into 15 Russian flip roll back to your fighting twist amazing right like you bet we’re coming up and over struggle at.

This you just come as high as you can so okay change my core is literally on fire right now guys I’m so proud of you for smashing it through that workout please don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button also hit the subscribe button because there is so much epic stuff coming for you and you don’t want to miss out so by hitting the subscribe button yeah notification of when I upload I think very exciting to you guys okay I was here tomorrow for day number two thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I.

Would stuff waited like forever to be your plus-one but is eula turn left me at the party out of the blue
Lilly Sabri

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