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INTENSE ABS FAT LOSS in 7 Days (lose belly fat) | 10 minute Workout


This home workout is an intense abs fat burn. I am going to have you burning in your stomach and dripping with sweat. No equipment needed. It’s just 10 minutes long. I can guarantee you are going to feel a burn. You can get epic results, like these ladies just here. I’m Lilly, and I give you guys daily free home workouts So, click the subscribe button and let’s do this. We’re starting off down on our forearms. Our legs are up and we’re going to cycle. Breathe. Eye gaze forwards. These movements are going to be fast in this workout. 10 seconds, come on. Push.

Great work. Come all the way down into lying. You’re going to be doing eight Dead Bugs. Into eight bicycles. Keep it moving, really nice and fast. 10 seconds, come on. We are now going to do toe reaches. Legs are up to the sky. Reach up, nice and fast. If you struggle, bring your legs down, and reach for your knees. Legs are long across the mat. You’re going to come up and touch your feet. Knees are bent, we’re sitting high on those butt bones. Reach in, then reach across.

Crunch in, and rotate. Let’s go, nice and fast. 10 seconds. Change sides, let’s go. Come into a side plank now. bye teddy okay so coming into a side Pump up. Pull your stomach muscles in tight. Pull your belly button in towards your spine. Pump up. Keep your core tight. Keep your waist pulled in. 20 seconds. I felt that burn! Come all the way down. We are going with a set of scissors.

Single and double leg. So, we’re nice and high. Down up, then both legs. Let’s go. Halfway. 15 seconds. Great work. Come into that side plank on the other side now. Choose the level that suits you. Come down on the forearm. One foot in front of the other. Let’s go. Core tight and waist tight. Coming up to halfway.

Come onto all fours. We’re coming into a full plank. Shoulder tap, shoulder tap, then reach forwards. Let’s go. Last exercise is a boat hold. Roll back to where you feel your core kicking in. Start by holding, and lifting the legs. As we row in one direction, straighten the legs out. I think you’re about to get some entertainment from Teddy! Halfway, come on!.

Keep going! You made it. I told you it would burn! Please click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. This is part of your 7 day flat stomach and abs challenge. To checkout what workout I recommend to do with this, go to the playlist section. I’ll see you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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