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INTENSE ABS FAT BURN in 20 Days (flat stomach) | 5 min Home Workout


Today’s home workout is just five minutes long and it is an intense abs fat burn. We’re going four layers deep. All the way into the core. No equipment needed. I want you to do this workout for twenty days, every other day. I can guarantee you are going to feel the burn! Start to feel and see results, just like these girls. We are getting incredible results, in the lean with Lilly community. Five minutes of your time. Let’s do this! Lengthen both your legs out. Flex your feet. Hands together. Come all the way up. Touch the floor, then come back down again. Good work. Bend both knees. Keep your hands together. Come up and across, to target the obliques.

Alternating sides. Good work. Lying all the way down. Both legs up. We are now doing bicycles. On the fifth one, we are holding the exercise. Hold in the side position. Flex your foot. Bring your knee in. Then push your leg out, like you are trying to push a wall away from you. Now hover your leg, and pump it up. Changing sides. Flex the foot, and push your leg away. Good. Hold it up, and up it there. Both legs up. Come up and clap, then come back down.

Good work. Come up into sitting. Bend your knees. Roll back to where you feel your core kicking in. Take your arms around your head, then crunch up. Good! Staying there for me. Hover the right leg. Relax the shoulders. Pump that leg up. Really nice and controlled. Core tight. Good, now clapping then coming back. Go back as far as you can. As long as you don’t squash your puppy! Changing sides. Hover the left leg. Flex the foot. Pump up. Good! Now, crunch up and clap. Last exercise! We have a boat hold. You want to spread your butt cheeks. Roll back to where you feel your core kicking in. Hold. Relax the shoulders.

Lift the legs up if you can. If your advanced, straighten your legs. What was that Teddy? Basically, Teddy wants you to subscribe! We upload daily workout videos. To make sure you don’t miss out, hit the subscribe button. Also, click the thumbs up button. It really supports both of us. What do you think of Teddy’s new haircut? I think he looks like a little rat! But I love him!
Lilly Sabri

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