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INTENSE ABS and LOSE BELLY FAT in 7 Days | 7 minute Home Workout


This is your 1 week flat stomach home workout challenge. Thisis a 7 minute intense abs burning workout. You are going to feel this so much. Noequipment needed. You can get epic results likethese ladies. Please tag mein your Instagram stories, so you have a chance ofbeing featured. I’m blown away by theresults. Don’t forget you want to combine thiswith good nutrition. You have my cookbook downbelow, which is just £9.99. Around $12 or $13. There are so many healthy, delicious recipes inthere. Also, do my full body fat burn workouts. If you want to, you can do a full YouTube review. Mind blown. Thank you. Let’s get started. We’re starting off with four bicycles, nice and fast, and then four toe taps. Slow and controlled. Really pulling your stomachmuscles in tight.

50 seconds on, 10 seconds recovery. Hello Teddy. Placing your hands underneath your lowerback. We’re going to go with a reverse crunch. Straighten out, open, close for four, then reverse crunch. Teddy is testing my stability. Full trust. Amazing work. Put your feet down. If you have my Long Resistance Bands, you can use them for this. Put the resistance band behind your back, and punch across. If you don’t have the resistance band, don’t worry. 30 seconds left. Come on, keep pushing. The lower you are, the harderit is. Let’s really challenge your core. Keep the resistance band where it is. Reach to your shin, as you lift your opposite leg. Keep going. Come on.

Breathe. You’re already halfway. Come on. Come all the way down. Lifting thearms up, of course if you don’t have the band, don’t worry. You’re going to do a single leg stretch and a chest press at the same time. If you want to makeit harder, just grab some water bottlesor some weights, to go with the chest press at the same time. Amazing work. Take that band off now. We haveour arrow sit up. Hands together. Come all the way up, and back down again. This is working your full abs. Come on, keep pushing. Placing your arms behind you. We’re going to do cycles.

Lifting the legs up. We’re just going to cycle them all the way through. Last exercise. If you’re struggling, just comehere. Do not stop. 40 seconds left of work. I know you can do this. Change direction. Can anyone hover for the last 10 seconds. You smashed it fam! Please don’t forget toclick the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. I think we’re on our way to 1.4 millionsubscribers. Just saying that out loud, doesnot feel real! not feel real you guys so if you’ve just done this workout and you are not subscribed i know who you If you have done this workout, and you are not subscribed, click subscribe!.

See you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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