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INTENSE ABS πŸ”₯ Get Abs Fat Burn Results | 7 minute Workout


This is your 7 minute, intense abs and waist home workout. If you are looking to get abs results, this is the workout for you. It’s a combination of all of my favorite abs fat burn exercises for a flat stomach. You’re going to love it, just 7 minutes on the clock. No equipment needed. I want you to do this for 14 days, every other day. Let me know how you get on, in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me for a chance to be featured on YouTube.

You are getting amazing home workout results. Now, before we get started, I have some huge news, which you do not want to miss out on. Honestly, this is massive. The LEAN Black Friday Sale is officially here. Up to 50% off, this is wild. All of these products just here, up to 50% off. And the LEAN App, you have 40% off, 50% off for students. You don’t want to miss this. We’re never going to have a sale this big again.

If you’re looking to join the app and get results and get everything that the app offers. Which by the way is so, so much. You don’t want to miss out. This is the time to join. 40% of the bars, 35% of the pre-workout and the proteins, up to 50% of everything else. Honestly, these sales are frigging wild and it is our biggest, biggest, biggest sale of the year. So please, if you know you want something,.

Get ready to snag it, because the sale is going live in two hours. And if you’re watching this in hindsight, it’s probably already live. Have your wishlist ready. We are going to start making these workouts on YouTube and on the app, even harder by using these babies. By the way, if you’re wanting a core challenge, this is brutal.

I have to say 40% off, 35% off of our protein products, that is crazy. And don’t forget, abs are made in the kitchen. If you are joining the app, you get a personalized meal plan for you, to help you achieve your specific goals. So, I don’t know what else there is to say. Oh my gosh, there’s one more thing. On the app, we are launching weekly guides.

Yes, weekly guides. So, that means you are going to have not one single day without me. Every day, you have a full length workout with me from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Plus loads of finishes, a nutrition section, a habit tracker, a journal, a physio section, a how to section teaching you how to do exercises correctly and guides, guides, guides, guides, guides.

You have so many guides on the app, plus challenges. So, you don’t want to miss out. Come on over to the LEAN App now while you have 40% off. Right guys, I think that’s everything, more details are in the description box. Let’s do this. Let’s snag those deals, 30 seconds each exercise, you’ve got this, let’s go. Yeah, pull that core in super tight.

10 seconds left. (alarm beeping) Okay, coming up into that plank position, reach back towards the opposite ankle. (alarm beeping) Okay, down onto your forearms, you’re going to punch the right hand forward, rotate up to the sky. Then the left.

(alarm beeping) Amazing work. Coming onto your back now, one of my favorite exercises, we have a reverse crunch. As we come up, we hold in a V. (alarm beeping) Okay, we now stay up. Okay? Keep those knees bent, keep those shoulders nice and open,.

Straighten the right leg, the left leg. If that’s too much, just pop those hands behind you, okay. But do not give up, it’s only seven minutes long. You can do this. (alarm beeping) Amazing, pop those feet down. Pull that core in really nice and tight, rotate side to side. If you want to make it harder, lift those legs up.

Harder still, straighten them out. (alarm beeping) Okay, coming down now into lying. We’re going to reach for those ankles then straighten the legs out. Come on, just five seconds left, guys. Then we hold. I’m so sorry for this. Hold.

Hold, hold, hold. You want that core really tight, eye gaze forward. If the necks sore, lower down. If not, try to lift up and keep that control. If that’s too much, come here. Okay, 15 seconds. (alarm beeping) Three, two, one. Amazing. Okay, bend that right knee.

We’re going to reach up and back again. (alarm beeping) Okay, straight change, other side. Breath out as you come up, breath in as you lower. Come on you guys, 10 seconds. You’re so nearly there, keep pushing. Keep thinking about that core. (alarm beeping) Both legs up, okay?.

From here, tap the left toe down and then straighten it out. Pilates, control it. Breathe. Keep that lower back flat on the mat, okay. Breathe. This leg is at 90 degrees. (alarm beeping) Straight change, let’s go. Keep that eye gaze forward,.

Lower down the neck if you have to, but do not stop. Come on, you’re nearly there now. Come on, you’re nearly there. There are two exercise left, five seconds. (alarm beeping) Okay, now we’re going into a little bit of cardio. Come on up. Mountain climbers, let’s go. 10 seconds!.

(alarm beeping) Three, two, one. Come down to the forearms, we rotate and open. Half way, 15 seconds. Come on. Five, four, three, two (alarm beeping) and one. (upbeat music)
Lilly Sabri

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