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Intense 11 Line Abs in 40 Days πŸ”₯ | 5 minute Workout Challenge No.9


If you are struggling to develop those sexy eleven line abs this is the workout for you it’s just five minutes long and zero equipment and I want you to do this workout every single day and you will get those results this is part of the 40 day it’s summer shred so you can combine this workout with all of the others that are in at the 40-day summer shred or do.

It on its own let’s get started you’re gonna start off by hovering the left leg imprinting the spine we sit up with paint and then straighten that leg out Paige you’re perfect.

They suggested it sure I change that on to the other side really rotating the body take it into those oblique muscles providing paradise from that will be opted out by the site and body need the best going to reach to the fifth and that’s again reaching across the.

Body from there we’re gonna take the hands behind the back of the head both legs are up tap the right toe down as we were to take the right elbow to the left knee and in turn eight.

goodbye hansen.eric joined in shape underneath the lower back we had to go over a vast crunch and then touch the toast down at the bottom this works into the lower abs to be honest all of the core.

Get back from their strength in the legs now we’re gonna lower them down crossover one two back up and reverse crunch see this way you give it back back up into sitting from.

That what you on the backbones we’re going to roll back to where we feel like our core is really kicking in and rotate hip joint to hip joints you work for me here I’m at your fingertips by a temple you know reach to the obstacle and back making sure you’re coming back as low as you can really.

Hitting that course come on guys oh sorry news there now just a few exercises left good works down into line from there we now have a set up hundreds both legs acid ninety degrees up in a cracker with pumping the arms up and down keep looking forward for me chair the Tuck to.

Test pull that core in tight we should be proud although we can do keep the legs out from here we’re finishing off with the staff bicycles keeping it controlled breathing hell back to opposite knee really protecting across the body that was done guys.

don’t forget I’m doing a giveaway every single Wednesday as part of this 40-day summer shred so make sure you hit that thumbs up button hit the subscribe button and the bell I want to let you know when I’ve got a new workout coming which is everyday at the moment so you don’t want to miss out.

Also it check out the description box for how to enter the giveaways I hope that makes sense guys one see you tomorrow for another one oh my core is on fire thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I was
Lilly Sabri

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