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INNER THIGH WORKOUT, tone your inner thighs, no more flabby thighs


Hi it’s Tracy. So today our workout is going to be focused on your inner thighs this is something that I get emailed about all the time so I wanted to give you what you asked for so love em’ or hate em’ your inner thighs are a part of your body so I really suggest that you love them so this workout is gonna focus on them you’re gonna feel alot of toning work on those inner thighs, obviously you got to make sure that you are eating clean and that you’re doing cardio as well, but this ballet inspired workout will definitely be a great piece of the puzzle to maybe not loving your inner thighs so much to loving them more, so I hope you enjoy the workout.

Okay, so let’s get started. So this is really going to be focusing on your inner thighs. So let’s start with your feet in a little V It’s the first position. Put your hands on your hips and do a little plie down and up and down and when you come up try to feel that squeeze of your inner thighs don’t let your butt stick out. This is what alot of people will do. That is a different exercise, but for this one today I want you to keep that rear end underneath you let’s do another set like that, about 10 more and squeeze, down, good, keep those abdominals pulled in.

So we are focusing on your inner thighs, but obviously our body is all connected let’s do two more and excellent, so now we’re gonna go into a second position it’s the same extra width in foot position and your going to go down here this is a really great multi-tasker abs are in tight as always, feel that squeeze good, lets do another set like that. keep on going so now we’re gonna do a fourth position.

So that means if you take your feet together in first position step one foot forward your heels should be making one straight line bring your arms out to the side like a ballerina, plia straight up so your body weight here is in the center your not forward, your not back, it’s really in the center keeping your arms out to the side you’ll see that nice definition that ballet dancers have with their deltoids, that’s their shoulders and their triceps.

Lets do another set like that keep on going excellent, so bring your feet together again in that first position step on foot forward, both feet are externally rotated, remember heel to heel in one straight line arms stay out so notice how I’m keeping my hips square that means your shoulder and hips are making a square good, let’s do another set like that two more.

Starting in that second position plia, you’re gonna plia and then sweep the leg across so I’m kinda kicking with my heel and that squeeze you should feel in your inner thigh contracting let’s do the other side you got it so really leave that heel so you feel the inner thighs keeping your arms like this you should definetly start feeling those shoulders alright, lets do the other side.

This is also working our balance here, so that’s a good thing. good, other side okay, do a plia good, so now standing on one leg, you’re gonna lift and squeeze it. Now keep that turn out in crossing front inner thigh squeeze let’s do it towards the back now notice i’m keeping those hips in that square shape. so let’s do that on the other side.

Squeeze good, use your abs for balance I feel my inner thighs, how about you? good, back into that second position, do a nice plia. straight up, plia straight up and excellent, so I want you to go thru that cycle two more times you are going to feel those inner thighs for sure and remember your body’s totally connected so you might.

Feel some work in your glutes as well and also your arms because you’re holding that position, but that’s a very good thing. Make sure if your not already to hop over to and join my community, I share lots of tips, recipes and all that fun stuff that I don’t share anywhere else. Okay, talk to you soon, Bye!
Tracy Campoli

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