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INNER THIGH FAT BURN in 2 Weeks | 8 minute Home Workout


This is your 14 day toned inner thigh home workout challenge. I want you to complete this workout for 14 days in a row. Let me know how you go in the comments below. Don’t forget, to get the best results, you want to combine this with good nutrition. And my full body fat burn workouts. Tag me in your Instagram stories, and if you want to, you can make a full YouTube review video. I’m so thankful for this! No more talking, let’s start the timer and let’s do this. Starting with a narrow squat, feet are a fist distance apart.

Come down and pulsate. We have 30 seconds on each exercise. This is going to burn, but it’s just 8 minutes! Feet apart, inner thighs touching and come onto your toes. Pulsate there. Keep your inner thighs touching. It’s hard to keep your balance! 10 seconds. Amazing. Come into a side lunge, back to the center, then another lunge.

10 seconds squad. Keep your feet nice and wide. Weight back through the heels. Straight onto the other side. Exercise number 4. Side lunge. Keep pushing, 15 seconds. Come down onto the mat. Hook your leg over for an inner thigh raise.

Flex your foot. Up, pump and lower. Keep going. Stay on the same side. You’re just going to pump, nice and fast now. Inner thigh pump, wow it burns! Come a little bit higher. Amazing, straight onto the other side. Start off with the inner thigh lift. Flex the underneath foot. Let’s go. Hold really high.

Pump for 30 seconds. Hold as high as you can. Higher, come on! Last 12 seconds. Onto your back now. Feet nice and wide on the mat. Come up high on the toes and touch the inner thighs together. Squeeze the inner thighs and the booty as you pump. Squeeze the inner thighs together in the bridge. Good work. Open and close. Keep the core tight. Keep pushing.

Amazing work. Come up onto your knees. We are doing a roll back. This is working the front of the thighs and a bit of the inner thighs. Come back, and forwards. Keep your core really nice and tight. We’re getting there. We’re going to hold. Come back and hold. This is going to burn the front, here. Keep holding, and keep squeezing your butt.

Amazing. Come up into standing. We’re going with the first exercise again. Narrow squat pumps. Pumping up and down now. 10 seconds, you’ve got this. Feet are wide. Double pulsation, and shift. Core tight, chest open. Amazing work. Step your feet in. We’re going to step out and in, in a squat.

Just a few exercises left, come on. You’re going to come down into a squat position, touch the inner thighs together and hold on your toes. Lean your body weight forwards. Keep touching your inner thighs together. You smashed it fam! Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. You don’t want to miss out. I upload daily workout videos. I’ll see you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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