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hey guys so I have just had a message through from dr. Kate from Valley and Clinic which is the specialist physiotherapist that I’ve been seeing there to say that the MRI results are already through and she wants to discuss it with me so my nerve levels right now are like a million and I was gonna sit.

Down and talk into the camera to you guys about how the MRI one and all of that but obviously I’ve now got the results so I thought I would call her while you guys are with me cuz in some strange way that makes me feel better okay right oh my gosh I knew it was I just I really didn’t think it would do to rupture of the ACL great.

Okay guys I’m sorry I needed like a half an hour I just break that as you probably saw on the phone call it wasn’t the best of news I’m actually I’m really shocked if I’m totally honest and just feeling very very emotional Alex rushed back from work because I rung him straight after see he’s upstairs at the moment and I think you.

Know the next 24 hours is just gonna be kind of absorbing what that phone call said in a nutshell was nearly the worst news you could get really in terms of your knee I have totally ruptured my ACL so the ligament at the front of my knee is just completely blown hello what I’m doing is crying sorry guys.

So on top of that I’ve also pretty much ruptured my ligament on the inside of my knee my MCL so they can see a few fibers still left but it is a great 3 which is pretty much a rupture it’s the highest grade 10 you could get and then on top of that there’s a tear in the outer meniscus the lateral meniscus which is like the shock pose or being come over.

To help the shock absorbing pad on their outside of the knee I mean I think the reason why I’m so upset is because I’ve been the physio to ACL rehabs reconstruction so many times and like at uni when you’re kind of learning about sports medicine as a physio you know that ACL injuries are like the worst you could possibly get and in.

Terms of the knee and I know this isn’t a life-threatening disease and not obviously I’m so thankful that I have my health and I don’t want anyone to miss read my emotions here bummer I I am totally shocked like I think everyone I’ve been speaking to is that why you’ve been so positive you know it can’t be anything that bad because.

You’re just like trooping through and you’re still walking around and you being an extreme pain if it was something really bad and I think what I maybe learn from this is the mental attitude mental it’s so powerful and I’ve been determined to stay positive like so determined that I haven’t obviously been.

Kidding myself but that mental strength turned into physical strength and I didn’t really realize quite how bad the injury was I didn’t think anyone has like everyone I’ve spoken to has just been so shocked speaking to dr. Kate on the phone was very reassuring I mean the first word she said to me well I’m sorry I don’t have better news and again that.

Just highlights I guess the severity of the injury but I kind of need to now take 24 hours which is what she said just take 24 hours to absorb it and then think about what the action plans gonna be when we’re looking at what possible outcomes there are like from my own experience with it being the ACO and the MCO out of the meniscus I.

Mean I’m looking like a 95% chance of having surgery it will come down to what I want and what the specialist surgeons that I decide to see advise normally people will go for surgery of there’s 40 people when you want to get to like back to high-level types of sport particularly skiing plyometrics um gym based exercises but if you’re someone.

Who’s just looking to maybe do like a lighter form of exercise like yoga or even cycling because your foot stays in contact with the Machine you can manage it conservatively which means that you can just manage it through rehab without surgery I’ll obviously be showing you guys as much of the process as you want to see and because you know all of the.

Get-well-soon messages unfortunately the word soon isn’t really going to be an option because ACL rehab is long and tough but doable and I’m not scared of taking that on at all but typically you know you’re looking at minimum six months to a year of rehab – to get back to where you were I think the killing part is like the.

Reality of this is my work and you know had so much planned for this year for you guys to bring out a program to do workouts for you and like the 30-day challenge there was just so many plans that I had and obviously I’m not gonna be able to exercise in that way and I guess I’m gonna have to adapt how I see my career going over the next year and I.

Will adapt and I will find a way around it of course I will off I’ll actually do it this from the way really struggling oh say whether that be showing you guys more of my recipes maybe even a cookbook or something along those lines there are so many things that I can explore but the next stage is just to try and absorb the news that I’ve had to calm down and.

Deal with the facts which is I am gonna need surgery and where and with who I don’t know yeah anima so I need to really need to turn my attitude around I really need to get back to positive Lilly because I know how powerful the mind is over the body and yeah ultimately everything is going to be okay.

It’s just spoke to my mom and she’s like it’s not a rock in the road it’s a giant crater but you will get through it which is so true so Oh guys I’m so sorry for all the tears yet again just been a really start 2019 but it will turn around 107 anyway guys oh oh I guess there’s one good thing that’s come out this I know that I have a strong pain.

Threshold regardless of what anyone says so that’s a positive really I love you guys loads and I’m so thankful for your support I really AM like your messages I have been keeping me going through this because I actually just want to literally lie down and cry but knowing that I’m helping some of you guys means the world to me and you guys.

Are helping me I want you to know that anyway I need to go I need to cry on my own
Lilly Sabri

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