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How to shrink your waistline! Oblique exercise series with Tracy


Hey guys here’s a really quick oblique exercise that we use lots of rotation so it’s really effective and it’s button so enjoy sitting on a man you’re going to need some light weights I usually do one pound two two one two or three and if your guy got to five pounds just put this up to the side for now you’re going to sit with your legs about hip-width.

Apart knees straight up to the ceiling if you know you tend to grip in your quadriceps just bend the knees okay so you can modify as you need hands behind your head really sit up tall again if you’re tight the hamstrings but anybody will help you get that lift so you can choose you’re going to put the hands behind the head and.

Inhale and then exhale and twist really draw in and focus on that bringing out feeling of your obliques and Center five more like that and Center so really focus on that squeeze so now stay there enough pops into it good keep going and that’s a really draw in so now keep the lift in your low back you’re going.

To just lean back just a little bit and then sit up really tall so you don’t want to sink in your low back at all but rather really keep that lift out of the low back and keep the rotation in the spine good and one more and excellent let’s do those two or get twist and squeeze three good five seven nine so stay in your twist and lean back and.

Straight up and again lean back and straight up good that’s it three four pull in one more and excellent so now grab your weights are going to take the weights in your hand both of them okay if you feel like it just take one that’s fine too you’ll bend that elbow slightest your arms around bending your knees if you hadn’t already you’re going.

To inhale curl and round back through your spine so I’m really scooping pulling in my belly you’re going to inhale then press the hands down onto the floor like you’re digging into the ground here and then straight out same direction and squeeze and straight keep on going and squeeze that’s and for good let’s do one more.

Like that so now stay that lift up this leg and then lower towards the floor not touching it lift up and lower keep your belly pulled in tight oh good and one more so now stay here now you’re going to pull it in and go forward a little bit and then reach it up so pull in and reach good and for five to ten peas and six seven drive as deep as you can and.

Nine and good so sir barely talking how we’re gonna do all that again so we exhale curl scoop and rollback press down and straight up and push it down squeeze and three and four excellent last one so stay that lift and lower towards them and lift so here we’re getting a little bit of the leg as well and that’s a good thing and last one so.

Stake it extend it out and pull it in and up exhale in and again the reap keep going dropping deeper and six and eight two or nine as excellent good job repeat all on the other side for more information and to download your full-length work out of Matt and more be sure to visit Tracy campoli calm
Tracy Campoli

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