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How to Make French Fries At Home ! Crispy Delicious , Incredibly Easy


This is the most perfect French fries recipe I’ve ever known Please click Like , Leave a comment and subscribe to the channel . Thank you for watching the video I use 700g of potatoes Peel Slice potatoes into small bars Put in boiling water Add in salt 1/4tsp Boil for 3 minutes Take it out and put it in cold water right away.

Take it out and let it dry Add cornstarch 3tbsp Shake well so that the cornstarch sticks to each potato stick Then put the potatoes in the fridge for 12 hours Add cooking oil to the pan Then fry the potatoes Fry for 6 minutes, then remove the potatoes and let them cool for 30 minutes After 30 minutes, put the potatoes in and fry again Fry for 3 minutes, then remove the potatoes.

Place potatoes on paper towels to absorb oil Add 1tbsp cheese powder Coriander 1tbsp Shake evenly Crispy fries are delicious If you like it, please give me 1 Likes 👍 , Subscribe , leave Comment , Share will help my channel grow more and more, Thank you for your support.
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