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Hi it’s Tracy and today on workout is a six-pack this workout was inspired by my friend Susan and she asked me via Facebook Tracy can you make a six pack back video and I thought that was an awesome idea so these are some of my favorite targeted Tony moves to get you strong sexy and feeling confident in your back okay so for our workout today.

I’m going to be using two pound weights you can use up to five pounds so anywhere between zero you don’t have to use any weights at all or five pounds so today I’ll be using two so let’s get started the key here is that every single move that you do I want you to intentionally be focusing on your back muscles okay so that you don’t feel it.

So much in the arms so that you’re really using those muscles in your back so first we’re going to start with our arms set here and just raise the arms up to the side now obviously we have more muscles than just your back work in here but I want you to focus on the shoulder blades the scapula going down your back as you do this movement okay squeeze and.

Good a lot of these we’re going to be doing double sets so sets of twenty and one more good second set here so here we go squeeze really feel those shoulder blades going down your back now of course you don’t want to let the abdominals go you know on a vacation here so use those ABS really squeeze them in here and eight.

Two more nine and excellent okay good so bring your arms over your head squeeze pulling down squeeze now here often I get asked about around the armpits here so this movement if you’re squeezing down you should feel all those supporting muscles around the armpits working okay and yeah excellent good keep going let’s do that again and.

Squeeze and two I think it’s just such a great look when a woman has you know like a relatively speaking conservative outfit on with maybe a pair of jeans or you know whatever some trousers and I just said girls worship and a backless shirt so you know something really unexpected so maybe she has on a jacket and she takes it off and it’s like ooh.

That’s sexy back okay so now I’m going to go into some single arm work here so what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your elbow squeeze it in and kind of lean away from it reach for squeeze that elbow back and out so here you’re probably notice and you’re going to feel your waist here too so that’s a good thing right because that is part of.

Your back here those are links they wrap around good excellent now this we’re going front now squeeze so same thing squeezing in front of the body what that does is it gets that farm pit now I know that’s not your so many of you asked me about that grovelled right and nine good let’s go back again to behind you and squeeze.

Squeeze squeeze really intentional here nine I’m already feeling and how about you and squeeze in front and squeeze now I live in New York City so I carry heavy bags often it’s a sometimes my forearms get really sore and it got two more and none so I often feel these arm workouts Allah all right close to the other side so go back and back and squeeze notice.

If you’ve got one side a little bit stronger than the other eight good nine and now go in front and squeeze two three keep on going and five and seven eight nine good I get behind you back and three really keep your focus here I feel a waste for sure and in front sweets and squeeze three or good almost there you got it.

Seven eight nine okay good so bring your arms up about shoulder height your elbows are bent squeeze the shoulder blades behind you bring the arm support and squeeze twenty of these and three and four good that’s it fun now as you bring those arms backwards you don’t want to be popping up the ribs you want to keep those ribs together and second.

Set squeeze squeeze I feel like now you’re totally going to feel your deltoids here your shoulders you are not wrong that’s part of it just by the nature of holding your arms in this position your deltoids are working and nine okay keep your arms up squeeze to just the ribs just moving those ribs again like I said we’re going to do a.

Little bit of obliques here eight nine I’m sweating it’s really hot today two three four five six that’s it seven eight nine okay good last series here kind of circle arms here do a little fly kneeling those shoulder blades and then pull back with a twist and fly and pull that twist like you’re trying to glance.

Behind you pull in the belly good up and squeeze that’s it this is fun keep on going and stick shoulders stay down in your back and seven good eight squeeze nine whoo and ten come on we can do that second set you got it up and squeeze and to squeeze it that’s it sorry whew squeeze keep going four and squeeze.

Excelente and good abs are pulled in and eight good just two more we can do it nine perfect last one and awesome work well that was amazing I really hope that you felt all of your efforts in that workout now if you liked it you know what to do and also make sure to subscribe to my channel because I put out new.

Every single Thursday and don’t want you to miss one at all okay I’ll see you next week bye be sure to join the community over at Tracy campoli com it’s totally free and you’ll receive a free workout my seven-day challenge and so much more either click on the link on your screen or visit me at Tracy camp Polycom see.

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