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Which workouts are your favorite arm workouts are your favorite so that I know so keep on watching girl hello gorgeous girl and welcome back to my channel and I’ve got something really special for you and this is an arm workout I know that you’re gonna absolutely love so if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy I put up brand new.

Fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel yeah girl just click on their little red button and for everyone make sure that you click on that little bell icon so that you will never miss every time I have a brand new video that goes live so my most popular my top performing the.

Ones that you guys go crazy for art and this workout will absolutely not disappoint this is a snippet work out from inside of total body transformation this is the working arms workout so for this to work out all you’re going to need our two pound weights now if you’ve got one two or three pound weights that should be absolutely fine I really.

Wouldn’t go any heavier than that though because we do do a lot of repetitions even in this little snippet like I said that’s part of our full length workout inside a total bodies of transformation so let’s get started with your working arms workout okay let’s go to a lovely I here not super duper low but just rotating externally I want you to bring.

Your arms up now from this position elbows go in front of you the muscle we’re working is your serratus so many of you asked me about this this is the muscle that kind of is that extra stuff or on your bra line so we want to squeeze here bring it up squeeze okay three excellent and for this really is gonna work around that extra bra bulge.

You know a lot of you want this seven very good eight mmm nine let’s do a second set because it’s just so much fun ten good nine that’s it eight and seven stay with me here six and five good for more beautiful three perfect two more to stay here pulse two four six eight nine again squeeze two four five six seven eight nine okay good.

Standing up right here just bend the knees just a little bit you’re gonna start with the hands in front of your your face here and just open forward and open three and four good five excellent six seven breathing here eight we’re really blasting out those arms nine last one stay here pulse and squeeze two three now we’re working your rhomboids.

Those are the muscles in between your shoulder blades also good to open up that chest nine now I want you to just bring the elbows slightly forward so it’s just right and alignment with your side pulse – five six seven eight nine again pulse – five six seven eight nine and good stir now come forward here bring that hands forward on a diagonal.

You’re gonna press one arm back press the other arm back so it’s kind of skiing arms and press it really open the chest three very good keeping those arms straight and squeeze good make sure you’re really pushing that arm back push it back so you feel that tricep getting engaged here right squeeze and squeeze it good.

Squeeze and squeeze two more here and squeeze last one okay good so both arms are for it press um pulse pulse down press pulse pulse down press pulse pulse good you’ve got it five and that’s it stay with me six feeling the back of those arms those shoulders are far away from your ears you’ve got a beautiful long neck if you want to not look at me.

And you want to look diagonally down that’s fine cuz it’ll keep your neck long I’m just looking because I’m talking to you and I don’t like to be rude good two more awesome last one and very good okay good so starting here I want you to reach down reach up and down to the floor reach it three we’re getting a little bit of waste and four.

People just can’t help myself by good six perfect almost there seven and eight good stay with me now nine last one other side down reach it and down and that’s it and three whoo-hoo four good we’ve got it five mm-hmm that’s it seven beautiful good eight feels so good to move right nine last one okay good so.

I want you to start with your hands into your chest it’s done those arms out in and it’s not swinging like a crazy person okay we are controlling our movement mm-hmm that’s it and six whoa breathe seven and again eight perfect nine and excellent rotate turn out go into a little plie arms go up over your head press them down up overhead press.

It down three mm-hm and for breathe I know it starts to burn and six that’s at seven it says eight we’re almost there two more nine last one okay good wasn’t that so fun and you know I just can’t help myself I have to always incorporate some of that core work well now my core looks quite different with this pregnancy belly bump but you get.

The picture here so I really really hope that you love this workout you know like I said this was a snippet workout that I pulled from inside of total body transformation so sometimes the doors are open to that program and sometimes the doors are closed and it really is the best fitness community out there we’ve got tons and tons of work.

To get brand-new workouts every single month of all different types we’ve got Pilates we’ve got yoga we have his he has boxing we haven’t rebounded me if we’re not using a bag using a small ball we have like all the things you’ll get a brand new workout calendar every month and most importantly you will get the.

Transformer tribe which is our amazing fitness community so I will leave the link right below this video like I said even if the doors are closed don’t get discouraged just put your name in the wait list because you’ll get some really amazing and awesome goodies while you wait so that’s what I’ve got for you today I really hope that you enjoyed it.

Please do give this video a thumbs up leave me a comment down below I will see you next time
Tracy Campoli

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