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Hi it’s Tracy welcome back to my channel and today I’m going to teach you the five best moves for beautiful amazing long and lean arms so if you want to learn those five moves make sure to keep watching and if you’re new by channel hello, I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you and never miss a video also make sure to click on that little bell icon so that you get alerted every time one of my videos is new so for these five moves all you’re going to need are some three pound weights now if you don’t have three pound weights, don’t worry you can do this workout without using.

Any weights at all or you could use water bottles or some cans that we completely fine so let’s start with the five moves to have beautiful long amazing arms so get started with your three pound weights if you’re using them don’t worry they don’t have them and here’s the things all of these movements are going to be compound movements and what that means is that we’re really incorporating a couple different variations of arm work so that you’re really getting more bang for your buck to enjoy your busy base so get started with your elbows kind of close to your body’s going to do an internal rotation as you reach the arm forward so notice how my thumb is bring it back in and.

Then reach it out to the side we go internally rotate out to the side internally rotate out to the side and in and keep your belly pulled in and your shoulders down let’s do a couple on the other side internally out to the side and internally rotated out to the side, two more like this okay so what you really want to do is twenty and twenty on each side okay next one is you’re going to do a hammer bicep curl and then you’re going to go into a little kick pack for your triceps so its gonna look like this, pull it here and reach forward and okay reach forward and back all right and forward elbows back so this one’s great because you’re getting your biceps here a little bit of.

Your anterior deltoids thats the front of your shoulder here and then with that pullback you’re getting your triceps so a very very good thing this combination you can do twenty to forty of so good fit next is you’re going to do a little fly to a zip up so you just lean slightly forward make sure you keep the belly pulled up and in you’re going to open arms out to a little fly here then stand straight up and just do and zip up the front of your body so it’s open out zip it up okay open so we’re getting our back here with those flies which is a good thing and then again we’re getting our triceps our shoulders as we do that little zip up okay so you want to do 20 so one of.

These is a single this would be two you started countng here okay then you’re going to do punch it’s four punches here so you two go one two three four then you’re going to open close open close, punch two three fourth and open close so we’re getting some nice Peck work here alright also getting into your back here so it’s a good thing nice little combo and then there again you want to do about fifteen to thirty of these combinations so one two three four open close over close that’s one okay so you can do a lot of repetitions and then lastly you’re going to go into two little T reaches out is going to look like this reach out with the thumbs down thumbs.

Down and then you’re going to lean for a little bit to pull those elbows up pull it up the powers down with both arms thumbs down and when you’re doing this movement are you going to feel those triceps and your deltoids work and that’s a great thing is going to give you that beautiful long lean dancer looking arms again you want to do about twenty to fourty so each one pull back so that that’s considered one okay so there you have it those are the five best moves to get those beautiful and amazing arms that I know you want to have let’s celebrate summer together so when you finish the workout I want you to.

Take a selfie and tag me in the photo just tag hashtag #tracycampoli to let me know that girl you did your workout and you felt it now if you’re looking for full-length workouts make sure to become a transformer join us over at and become a transformer it is the best fitness program ever we’ve got an amazing collection of full-length workouts including some absolutely incredible arm workouts that only found over there you get a monthly workout calendar you get community you get full length workouts you get so much more so it’s a really really incredible program so I hope that you also become a member of the transformer tribe because it’s really the.

Best place to be so I hope that you like that today I can’t wait to see your selfies and I can’t wait to welcome you into the transformer tribe alright guys have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon bye
Tracy Campoli

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