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HOURGLASS WAIST & ABS in 14 Days (lose fat) | 8 minute Home Workout


This is your 8 minute hourglass waist and abs home workout. No equipment needed. 30 seconds each exercise, no breaks. But you can do this if you’re a beginner as well. There are modifications on the screen. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories, TikTok videos, or you can do a full YouTube review. Which is just incredible. Thank you so much.

You can do this workout on its own or as a finisher as part of my free home workout guides. Which I strongly, strongly recommend you do. They are incredible. It gives you everything you need to achieve your results, and to feel incredible, like the boss woman that you are. Before we get started, this is brand new, beautiful Gymshark, which is launching soon. This is the new ombre set, which I’m kind of obsessed with. I’ve been wearing it a lot in my longer form workouts and my lives. As soon as I have a launch date, I will let you know. Also, check out the description box, there may be an update in there.

All right, let’s stop talking and let’s burn those obliques. (upbeat dance music) We’re starting off in sitting. Fingertips by temples. Reaching across, as we rotate. Find that beat. One, two. One, two. Three.

(upbeat dance music) (timer beeping) Hovering the legs. We have bicycles. So it’s one, two, one, two. Just 8 minutes of exercise. This is going to burn. Let’s go! 10 seconds.

(timer beeping) Good, all the way down into lying now. Hands together. As we come up, we rotate. (timer beeping) Bring those feet in a little bit closer. Support the head with the right hand, reach back. Make sure you’re nice and high in the crunch. Then you side crunch.

10 seconds. (timer beeping) Straight change, let’s go. Get really nice and high in that crunch. Come on, push it, push it. Quads high, keep pushing. (timer beeping) Good. Staying here, it’s one, two, three, four,.

Center, center. (timer beeping) Incredible. Place your hands underneath the lower back. We have a reverse crunch at an angle. Straighten those legs out. (timer beeping) Hold your legs out straight. Lift and lower.

One. Good, keep your core really nice and tight. You’re nearly there. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Oh my gosh, my core. Double leg tabletop. The arms are up. We’re going to straighten out the opposite arm to leg with our Dead Bugs.

If the neck’s sore, lower it down and work that core. Come on, you’ve got this. (timer beeping) Straight into bicycles. Follow that beep. One, two. Really rotate that body. Elbow to knee, hit those obliques. We got this!.

Halfway. (timer beeping) Lower your legs down, really nice and high in a crunch. And pump hundreds. Keep looking down. In between your thighs. Tuck the chin to the chest. (timer beeping) Incredible, turn onto your side for me.

Bring your upper leg forward. From here, you’re going to hug your waist, crunch lower. Good, breath out as you come up, breath in as you lower. (timer beeping) Up into a side plank now. One foot on top of the other, otherwise follow those modifications, rotate and dip. Dip, up, rotate. (timer beeping) Amazing work.

Swing those legs around. Straight onto the other side, let’s go. Crunch, lower. Come on, really use that breath out to power up. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Up into a side plank, we are nearly there. Hold strong, let’s go. Dip, up, rotate.

(timer beeping) Good, sitting down from there. Last exercise. We’re going to finish up with bicycles again. Find that beat. Really rotating, elevate to knee, hit that waist. In four, in three, in two,.

Now sprint as fast as you can. Let’s go! Come on, five seconds! (timer beeping) You made it familia. I am so, so proud of you. Please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up. Also, click the subscribe button for weekly videos. More than weekly.

We upload a lot and you don’t want to miss out. If you want the free workout guides, check out the description box. That gives you fortnightly, so 14 day free workout guides or seven day free workout guides. There is so much there. It is an entire free workout guide for you. So everything you need. There’s also free recipes. I think that’s everything. I love you so much.

I’m so proud of you for showing up. You are on an incredible journey to health and happiness Enjoy that journey. You’re incredible. I’m so proud of you. Well done. See you tomorrow for another home workout.

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