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HOURGLASS SHAPE in 14 Days | 45 minute Home Workout


Hey guys can you see me can you hear me of welcome back to another life and just want to say thank you so much for joining me as way more than that thank you for your incredible messages and this is a genuine smile I’m just so so thankful for you guys you have no idea like this online community is everything and I feel like over the last 24 hours.

Its strength has come out even more when I’ve needed you and I’m so so so thankful and I know a lot of you girls are worried about me teaching today and I’m hoping my sister’s going to be doing this we had a good chat Alex and I and I don’t want to do this I want to do this for you and what was so selfishly for me because it really really helps moving my.

Body I know it’s gonna help oh thank you teddy so yeah thank you for all of your messages it is a bit of a tough time at the moment but she is in an incredible place with my granddad and that’s all I’m gonna say about it right now so thank you 45 minute workout and don’t want to cry before we’ve even started let’s do this and we have three circuits.

45 seconds on 15 seconds off first circuit is mainly lower body second set that we’re coming into the waist and then the third SEC is up within touch of us as well we’re not gonna do a finish up so just follow me equipment Wyatt you need some weights if you’ve got them if you don’t just grab water bottles and this if you’ve got it.

Okay so you’ve got your map I want you to put it on right now we’re going to start in 15 seconds 10 you’re gonna have to go to the dental baby you say I want us to do is my mommy guy is quickly about 10 seconds type in where you are in the world right now and get ready for a burn best exercise with.

in jail as we come up we lift the leg up okay nice mr.

great like that.




Like up if you can it not press your toes down beginners okay do the hamstring.


Oh should be awake okay start the timer okay grab your weight if you have them and.




la just County here everyone else straighten the legs.

Hey Oh God should be more oh wow I feel about like balls it’s on fire okay next up we have upper bodies okay so we all know to create that.

Hourglass shape we’ve got to be working on hips awakening the next frame so we’ll work to my hips many are out to booty we’re working the core which used it a lot that we did it on the lower core and collapse into the weight of the obliques the final finisher by the way has a lot more booty and a lot more ass we’re now going to.

Work shoulders so important to work your shoulders and your back to make that X frame okay over any how they are feeling but we got any numbers coming through okay should have tied up in there in the core I hate that from here on out I’m taking no prisoners I’m afraid so we’re not quite halfway so if you’re feeling around a six or a seven now perfect.

We’re going in five seconds we’re starting off with our country’s hi teddy punching up find that be beginning no wait okay.


we rode straight to Nordstrom and we don’t share those mice winner get mr. Murray next guy.

yes fine they seem like a shoulder press with the red tape.




whoa Hey and that was a freaking joke oh my gosh.

That proves what you can achieve in 10 minutes guys like lost the anyway however I was building out 10 quickly let me know we haven’t finished your now I call it a finish a little bit to be honest it’s a big the big chunk gonna be whether it’s 10 minutes bite wood in 10 minutes 1 minute on each exercise mainly booties or all beauty and cause see your.

Ass and your father about sit where your hips are about to catch up your shoulders can you just quickly let me know guys just so I get general consensus who has a resistance band will you shout yes just right yes not Shaolin run it in capsules if you are shout yes if you have a resistance band and pop know if you don’t so I got idea.

okay okay the guys are feeling at ten minutes join me so many who got amazing new polish going in right now that’s a students pretty I have one minute on each exercise 10 minutes so it’s gonna be pretty brutal – ok no grace we’ve got an idea as people.

Have bands Oh No yes ok amazing if you try to have about please don’t worry if I’m going to be using the bun a lot right now I know right how do people be like that amazing all right guys I’m taking my shoes off I’m gonna be using the wall for this if you don’t want to use the wall you can use a chair I just don’t have a chair nearby.

Ok right let’s do this we’re going 15 seconds let’s a big burn must be really excited is that very good back in 10 seconds ha we do bar and course girls music requests locked in maybe okay we have a curtsy lunge into a squat let’s go one of my favorites hold the weight on the moon.

Another change and they all say you looking back don’t forget don’t wanna do.



with a boat coat hey cake legs come up wait to tip feel that bad we’re starting any bad.

I was surprised.

You know what’s been happening in my world but a lots going on in your world as well it’s fast through the all of us this is a really tough time and one thing I’m really learning at the moment is emotional exhaustion is hard it’s tough like what the see physical exhaustion is really really really tough but when you’re emotionally and mentally.

Exhausted like I am at the moment like it’s tough so just moving your body the fact that you guys came here today and you push through it I am so so I’m so proud of you and that includes my sister as well I know did this and I know it’s not easy and so I’m so proud of you not the toughest to work out maybe nine out of ten how you found that but honestly.

I’m sorry freaking proud of you guys over here what do we have over here knowledge oh this is the finish now for the expec a ceramics is like oh so right here I’ve been watching Harry Potter recently right here what is it in a harmful to spell someone try one and quickly so I’d like you to go finish off with.

That now guys that was filmed on a day when I was feeling a little bit more energetic but yeah I just all of your messages are coming through now 10 10 10 10 Lily you killed me I just yeah I just want to say thank you thank you for showing up thank you for supporting me when I really really really needed it I’m so thankful for you guys.

There’s a new guide that’s out for this week if you have any questions quickly type them in now and otherwise go straight over to that but the guide is yeah this is what I’m telling them whoa very exciting so you’re asking what’s happening now in terms of lights guys quickly and Chuck through any questions you have oh my gosh my legs right can.

You tell me if this is all right so this is the news guys guys we’re going to be doing normally oh sorry okay haha we’re gonna be doing and weekly mini guides like that and basically the mini guides involve new live workouts this one’s only got two this week which are now complete but.

It’s gonna be three every single week and then there’s gonna be pre-recorded in there as well and other ones that I recommend to go over there and as of some day these are gonna be emailed to you every Sunday as if Sunday you’re also gonna get three brand new healthy recipes that are quarantine friendly isolation friendly minimal perishable.

Foods involved all of that stuff so these will be emailed to you every single Sunday this one obviously is just starting as of today because we’ve finished the 14-day isolation guide did that make sense guys quickly let me know if you’re not on my if you’re not yeah we’re trying to make it as easy as possible so if you’re not already and my.

Mailing list make sure you jump onto my mailing list all you’ve got to do is go to my website and WWE with Lily which alex is gonna type in comm enter your email address and these will be emailed to you every single Sunday we have to do is download them and then they have the direct clickable links because that was one of the questions that you girls had.

Like how do I know what workout goes with what basically there’s only going to be one upload one new upload every single day and the other ones I recommend to go with this a straight click lifts you just literally click on it and it takes you straight to the workout new uploads they’re gonna be at the same time every single day it’s all.

On there but the new workouts whether they’re alive or whether they’re pre-recorded are going to be uploaded at the same time every single day which is 5:30 UK evening 9:30 a.m. LA 12:30 midday New York and hopefully that will help you work out ok I’m going to really quickly read a few questions because I know we’ve kind of come to the end of.

This guide yes to recipes recipes recipes and from blue Californication and Caroline Wilkie when at the band’s coming back we are working on it they were supposed to be here already but with everything going on in the world right now everything has been slowed and there is a new color coming out and they are coming we just don’t have an exact.

Date so please please please keep still keepin them in yeah so please keep your eyes peeled weights of 1 kg Maria I don’t know what the rest of that question was but these these are 2 kg that I was using today what about the eight-week guide that’s from no gosh I’m here that’s on my I’ve got I’ve got so much to tell you guys.

About that is on my website that eight-week guide we’re gonna be keeping a discount going on it a lot of you girls have already completed it the reason why we have something frickin huge coming like huge and it’s hopefully coming in three weeks time maximum four weeks time okay three weeks time but it is coming soon and this is like.

Especially for those of you have already done the eight-week lean guide you are gonna love it and if you’re enjoying these you’re gonna love it that’s what I’m telling you but up until then huh what haven’t you wanna kiss okay yeah this is your hair look we’re bringing out all right that’s your him okay actually yeah we should we don’t at.

The moment but a lot of people are asking yeah a lot of people have been messaging me about that actually my legs are so sore II need to do stretch oh and the song the songs that we do think at the moment of rotis free salt can I get my Mother’s Day and so they’re actually copyright free so they’re a loan of like undiscovered artists which.

Makes me really really happy some of them are absolutely amazing but I love them what do you guys think I know sometimes I yeah and if you’re a musician please drop me an email if you’ve got them any of your life in your comfy yeah yeah okay local artists please from Nadine thank you so much so appreciative from Cristina did you.

Have another question there Alex live program follow-up yeah the eight-week ah okay and okay so a lot of you yeah off the back of that you’re asking all the life is going to continue the lives are going to continue however not every single day they’re going to be three days a week we haven’t decided which days yet but it’s highly likely it’s.

Going to be Monday Wednesday Friday and at the times that we’re always doing them and then the other days there’ll be an upload every single day but Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday will be pre-recorded workouts for you to do so you’re still gonna get a new workout every single day and do we are we going to continue them what was it can we buy.

It yes keep your eyes peeled in three to four weeks time something good and I mean those of you who know me who have been in my facebook grid for a while will know that enak is like my absolute dream so yeah if it does happen that would be an absolute dream come true like beyond words so please yeah watch this Mason thank you for supporting and.

I love you all and I’m grinning and we’ve got some soup everywhere anything else okay can you transfer check your junk and your spam actually the best way to do it is just to search in the search bar of your email Lily Li LLY Double L in the middle and all of them should probably come up if they don’t drop in the amount of contact at Leman Lily calm.

And we’ll get it sorted for you but yeah nine times out of ten it’s in another file and sometimes just kind of lost and wanted to say thank you for being so strong that’s very and I take up to an Nutrition pink lemonade or try and look she loves they have a cola one as well which is really nice of you oh you like the blue yeah.

The blueberry is everything yeah I like the pink lemonade my faith anything else you can see Tara the new guy Devin a little mini one honestly it’s entirely up to you what type of thing you’re wanting with the the benefit of the eight-week guide and all of the girls who have done it will tell you this it starts off at a baseline level and it’s.

Progressive so it gets harder as you get fitter over the eight weeks the workouts vary from 30 minutes up to an hour and I know a lot of you have already bought the eight-week lean guide so if you want to give that a shot now that’s absolutely fine like I’m not going anywhere I’m still going to be here doing their lives and the workouts I.

Wouldn’t like buying a weekly guide then not do it please do give it a shot cuz it’s like my pride and joy I spent about nine months putting that together and I’m so proud of it and it’s an incredible incredible guide so I think you’ll absolutely love it however what I would say in four weeks time maybe three weeks time there will.

Be an announcement of something else coming and to keep your eyes peeled for that and there’s no harm in stopping starting trying different things it totally depends on your personality and if you’d like to follow something the whole way through or not but I hope that answers you can also pick and choose the workout so in the eight-week lean guide.

You’ve got hip workouts for fat burning you’ve got Pilates for sculpting you’ve got resistance training for building and you’ve got active recovery so you can pick and choose a little bit yeah I feel that you’re getting the question is for you better than me Alex Macy is asking protein I do pretty much everyday and all that happened for a couple of days.

My head’s been a bit all over the place but I take up to a nutrition I’m very between I alternate I should say between their plant-based vanilla and their lean not their lean their I can’t get my words out today what is it way old standards their God what is wrong with me and so they’re plant-based is obviously.

Plant-based vegan it’s I think it’s really really nice apparently some vegan like proteins are really really nasty and they’re kind of chalky but this one is really nice I rarely drink them on their own I mix them with like frozen berries a bit of honey or banana or something like that sometimes acai as well but yeah I have them every day.

Mainly for recovery and growth so if you’re working out nearly every day with me a protein shake is going to help your muscles to recover number one but even more so is going to help you get the games that you deserve so it’s going to help you convert the fat into muscle and sculpt and lean into lean muscle basically so we’re not talking about.

Getting massive we’re talking about sculpting into a lean physique so I hope that answers your question yes the weekly guides are totally free all you got to do is just empty what you man addressing up we sent to you every Sunday and yes oh thank you I I’m like freaking overwhelmed guy is like I can’t even begin to tell you how.

I feel right now like how will be at nearly are we nearly a hundred three hundred and ten thousand subscribers like we are I don’t even know they’re made 308,000 you know we’ve been doing these workouts for free for three years and we made it to like fifty sixty thousand subscribers.

In the last three weeks I’m touching that I touch things when I’m nervous and like excited we made it to over three hundred thousand subscribers can you even imagine like I oh I can’t I can’t I can’t even get my head around it like it feels like we have been working so hard and we’ve been helping so many people and now out of nowhere we’re helping you.

More and I can’t I can’t even begin to process that so and all I have is thanks so basically like overwhelmed so thankful because you lot have been a huge part of that and yeah just let’s see if we can make it like it feels weird saying can we make it’s half a million like what can you imagine I keep looking at Alex’s he’s in disbelief as.

Well but yeah I love you guys I really do okay any more questions because you guys are sticking around so if you have any more questions really quickly tuck them in because I was supposed to do that week one and it they’re eight we clean by this for two things it’s for fat loss rather than weight loss I never really used the word weight loss and.

Just because I’m probably a lot heavier than what you guys think so I tend to not rely on scales because muscle obviously weighs more than that but it’s certainly for fat loss and it’s for building the lean muscle so it’s to help you build a lean physique and a lot of the workouts are based on like hourglass shape things for a lot of its around.

Your waist down like perking up your butt there’s some shoulders in there I wouldn’t say there’s a huge amount of shoulders we do arms day once a week in the eight-week lean guide and if you’re struggling for structure and you really really want a nice strong structure that’s what the ain’t.

Clyde is going to give you it I’m with you literally every single day whereas on YouTube what we’re doing at the moment it’s kind of like you go from this work up to that workout so it kind of depends on your personality type if you’re someone we just want something to follow and needs to be with you every single day the a weekly guide is amazing.

And but if you’re willing to kind of chop and change a little bit I have so much free content on here as well the eight weekly guide we’re doing 50% haven’t even properly discussed it soon we’re gonna be doing yeah we need when he’s actually confirmed but soon we’re gonna be doing 50% off it so keep your eyes on the website on my website for.

That and that’s in light of the fact that we do have a new product coming in within the months for those people already done the only link right and for anyone who’s already done the eight-week leave guy quickly jump in now and talk about your thoughts on there or if not join my private Facebook group I would say like seventy eighty percent of the.

Girls in there have done the lean guide so you can ask them about it and they’ve had like freaking amazing results see ya mm-hmm anything else how often do you work out I work out all of the workouts that I do here with you are my workouts so that’s something I get asked a lot like I don’t do others training other than with you guys cuz.

That’s something I get asked a lot like surely you can’t achieve like a lean physique or your staff physique just from home workouts but I’ve been doing homework ups now for three longer than three years but kind of exclusively for three years I haven’t had a gym membership in a very long time so you can achieve results with exactly what.

I’m doing I’m literally in it with you literally is that weekly guide videos that’s and like yeah so literally all videos you have every single day of video with me they start will they range from 30 minutes to an hour you have finishes you have warmups and you get a PDF with it as well like 50 page PDF or something cuz absolutely.

A lot of pages and it breaks down every single workout for you the start of lat resistance hit or pilates or active recovery has a few blog posts in there as well like giving you tips on why to take protein and recovery and all of that type of stuff so it’s a really like thorough guide yeah and they’re real-time workouts you just let you.

Click on the link and it takes you to it every day notice I’ve seen yes it’s yours so once you’ve got it you’ve got it and a lot of the girls were doing the videos on their TV like you with this or in your laptop or on your face lets you whatever works for you but yeah you have it forever I can repeat it as many times as you like yeah and they’re not they’re.

Obviously not live there follow along so and that’s why you can repeat it as many times as you are anything else yes called lean with Lily guides so any a.m. with Li ly alex is going to tuck it in guides and just search that in Facebook it would help if we could put the link in but basically just search leave it Lily.

Guides and then you request and then I just accept you and we’ve got like nearly four thousand dollars in there it’s women only so it’s like a really empowering space where we can kind of encourage each other our share our transformations and our it’s just such an amazing group such an amazing group and what the guy has always been free.

You know currency yes the weekly guides yes and my plan like we have like for the last years is to always always always keep free content coming of course and there’s a couple of things like basically for me is to always give free content like that’s so important but what we are going to be doing as we transition into the new product is the.

Longer workouts the full workouts will be hosted on new product and will obviously still keep plenty of workouts on here you’ve got over 300 workouts on here already but the kind of more thorough our longer workouts like what we’re doing right now we’re going to be on the new product makes sense but they’ll still be daily.

Uploads on on YouTube as well they just might be a bit shorter because I can’t physically do all lissa I wish I couldn’t buy part and another thing to point out it’s going to be incredibly affordable like so affordable I can’t even begin to tell you how affordable is going to be yeah like we’ve been this has been a dream a goal for years and so.

To make it come true is amazing and I want everyone to be able to be part of that hence we’re making it incredibly incredibly affordable for everyone yeah anything else does your lien guy respect progressive yes that’s what I was saying so progressive overload is where we start off short our Alex I was a little explaining what progressive overload was.

To you the other day nothing high and because I say basically I was watching another influence of who was talking about progressive overload and I said the average person obviously you do where was asked that question but the average person would know what progressive overload is and obviously studying physiotherapy we go into that.

But I don’t want to like not explain things to people in layman’s term penology and makes sense to everyone which is what this is all about and so yeah we we apply all of the principles of progressive overload also all of the principles of progression full stop and so we’re adding resistance as we go along we’re also changing so we have.

Reversibility we have progression we’re changing the types of training’s that we’re doing as well making sure I’m not speaking of physio language so effectively what we’re doing guys is we’re training in different styles we’re making it harder as we go along we’re making sure that we’re having active recovery and we’re also.

Making sure that we’re training different muscle groups so that we get the most from our training that wasn’t – physio it was it great yes in answer to that question it doesn’t people who don’t know what progressive overload is we’re making it harder as it go along we’re also changing the style of the trainer that we’re doing and we’re also.

Having enough active recovery and therefore our muscles to recover and relax Angra anything has any other questions guys sir and just to kind of let you in on something so we we were obviously here in Dubai right now and we had a trip planned and.

I can’t believe it was very nearly planned we were supposed to be coming to LA and we were even in the process of booking Teddy a flight because we were going to be coming over to the States we’re going to be starting in LA and then we were actually hoping to move on to Canada so it was going to be like three months maybe as long as we.

Possibly could yeah and and obviously with everything that’s happened we now can’t do that which is absolutely crazy and but Alex and I actually said the other day our first trip or certainly one of our first trips will be to the States as soon as we can as soon as we’re allowed to and so that would be a dream come true I would love to try and.

Get this audience on YouTube up to like a half a million that would be a absolute dream and but I know we’re growing all over the world right now we are heavily growing in the state so shout out to all my girls who are in the states right now hello and it was a shout-out to my girls all over the world because I can’t believe.

How many countries were and like isn’t saying even the leading guide what was your stats we’ve sold the lien guide inter yeah how many countries 62 countries that’s where the lien guide has being done right now all over the world I can’t get my head around that so wherever you are like the fact we’re all connecting it’s.

Just unbelievable I can’t oh thank the Lord for YouTube that’s all that can say thank you thank you thank you okay gosh we’ve still got so many of you island oh come to island come to New York oh god I Love New York I love Island my granny was from County Mayo for those of you who don’t know my granddad from Dublin County man and.

We’ve got family in Donegal got a lot of friends in Cork all over Ireland Ireland is very very very special to me and come to Puerto Rico oh my gosh can you imagine amazing California to Sacramento sounds nice Texas Canada I’ve never been to Sweden I’m desperate to go dead spread today you love Sweden don’t you you’ve done you’ve done a lot.

Of Europe actually Alex yeah yeah not more than me and I know sorry yeah with that Susan without that huge Benjamin I’m just so desperate okay I’m trying to see if there’s any more questions there’s so many do you eat before your workout and yes but no sooner than an hour and a half just cuz I feel so sick one of the lives the.

Other day I ate like half an hour before and I didn’t feel good did I you’ll notice I was demonstrating a few of the jumps that I couldn’t do them so for I was gonna vomit so yeah I can’t eat em any less than an hour and a half healing is my entire book basically my cookbook and cuz it’s the anti-inflammatory guide so what you’ve got to bear in mind real.

Nut shell and whenever you have an injury an acute injuries or a new injury rather than a chronic one that’s a lot of standing you develop inflammation so you’ll notice like if you’ll cut for example it’ll go red because all of the blood rushes to the area that’s because inside the blood you have the blood cells that are trying to heal your body.

Right so you want to have some inflammation but when information lasts for a long time chronic that’s when it can become damaging so the immediate information good but when you’re trying to heal when you’re trying to dampen inflammation in an acute phase there are foods that you can eat which are to help fight information and also immunity.

Boosting they pretty much overlap like 75 percent of those foods overlap immunity boosting and healing anti-inflammation so in my cookbook which may see I’m not sure if you already have that I can’t remember and the in there have all of my anti-inflammation recipes in there also at the beginning of the book I highlight.

Which ingredients are really really good for helping to fight inflammation and it breaks up which ingredients and also why those ingredients are good just because the geek and then within all of the recipes in that book may include a minimum of two of those ingredients in every single recipe which basically makes it Mediterranean and.

Anti-inflammation so I hope that helps so yeah the books only and nine pounds ninety-nine just I think about twelve dollars yeah so yeah and there’s a 58 recipes in there I think yeah anything else I’m like I feel like I want to show ya would be really make my mom very happy though wait that much and we don’t know.

How long it’ll be but and yes I think that would be lovely I yeah I come from a family who work in the NHS so and I’ve always been into sport but yeah I drop to make a video up now I know I’ll make my mom very very happy which shoutout to everyone working in the health services right now by the way thank you I know there’s some of you.

Who are in this chat right now who are working in the health services so thank you from all of us who are amazing including women anything else I’m pescetarian yeah so I am I fish I stopped eating meat about 17 years ago Oh keep saying 15 I’ve been saying 15 for a couple of years it’ll be about 70 and it’s a very long time ago I cut out.

Me now it was pretty much vegan at that time before many people really knew what we even was I was pretty young me and my brother both got food poisoning we both cut out meat and most animal products and I was in athlete at the time was a swimmer I lost a lot of weight because they were many substitutions at that time my.

Family didn’t really know what they were doing particularly the Cypriot side who love meat so then we in reintroduced fish into my diet and I’ve eaten fish ever since I’d say I have fish four times a week so not every day and yeah I’m a mix between I would actually say my diet is 70% vegan would you Alex yeah because we did that begin challenge.

So like 70 percent bead and I don’t really like dairy at all and but I have fish yeah so that kind of sums it up and that really works for my body really really works but obviously everyone’s different oh thank you this is Jim sharp right now this isn’t one of my new favorites I just I love the sculpt in it my kids amazing I don’t.

Deceive you guys I love bright colors I was like yeah and but yeah I I would love to we just right now there is no way we would even slightly have the time but yeah would be a dream yeah but right now what I’m doing girls is just showing you all of the stuff I have in my wardrobe and Jim chunk of just released a new.

Line actually which I’m hoping I’m gonna get my hands on pretty soon as well so I’ll be showing you that yeah and everything my butt hurts where everything hurts well thank you so much nearly 400 of you staying around to ask questions Wow yes well they can’t okay I’m gonna quickly show you by.

Something actually and wearing from I’m from the UK my dad is from Cyprus Mediterranean and my mom is from Thailand and Tareq we quickly show oh so this is you guys right here we shouldn’t have to wipe the videos to come out of the live chat can you do so yeah so like it you just press X and then you like and then you can go back.

To live chat there people were saying you couldn’t do it before and that would react really appreciate that maybe simply know that we’re forcing you to do my gosh my everything I am tired and I’m also I’m gonna do a stretch now guys because I am tight so yeah do that other video if you get the charts am i no longer blurry yeah drop a comment let me.

Know how you got on with the other video and guys I love you I’ll see you tomorrow tonight tomorrow for another pre-recorded to keep your eyes on your inbox on Sundays you’ll be getting your brand new and weekly guide through which has recipes and it has the lives in there yeah let me go just Union
Lilly Sabri

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