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HOURGLASS HIPS in 2 Weeks | 10 minute Home Workout


In today’s home workout, we’re going to be working into the outer thighs, saddlebag area and hourglass hips. It’s going to get hot and sweaty. It’s just 10 minutes long. No equipment needed. You can get amazing results like these ladies. Please remember to tag me on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram. You can get a shout out like these girls. Also, for the best results make sure you’re combining this 10 minute workout with my other workouts to get epic results. My full body fat burn workouts and my pilates sculpt workouts. This outfit, which I love, is launching on Thursday 24th of September. 7 p.m BST, UK time on the Gymshark website.

All of the details are down below. If you wouldn’t mind shopping through my link, you have no idea how much it helps me out, and how much I appreciate it. Let’s do this. Starting off low in the squat. You’re going to raise onto the left toe, push out and then back down again. Up, push out, and back down. If you don’t have a resistance band, don’t worry. Just grab weights. Trust me, it’s still going to burn. 30 seconds each exercise. Change onto the other side. Keep the weight back through the heels. Chest open, core tight.

Nice and low in that squat. Amazing. Staying down in the squat. Pivot the feet outwards, and in. Pushing out against the resistance band. Keep your knees wide. Amazing work. Come up into standing. You have a slight bend in the standing leg. Push out and back down again. Keep that core tight. Great work. Straight onto the other side. Slight bend in your knees. Weight back through the heels. Come down into a squat. As we come up, lift the leg up to the side. Come on. Just 10 minutes, you’ve got this.

Great work. Go to the side of your mat. We are doing crab walks. Keep the booty low. Push out and knees wide. Come up high. Squeeze the booty. Push out nice and fast. Put your feet flat. As you come up, raise onto your toes and push out. Really squeeze the booty for me. Hello Teddy! Good. Stay high, put the knees together and pump up. Hello Teddy, not everyone wants to see your bum bum. Keep your knees wide. Keep squeezing the booty. Flatten the feet. Push out with the left leg and keep the right leg still.

Come on, really squeeze. Push it wide, and pump your left leg out. Come on, squeeze that booty. Change onto the other side. Open the right leg out, and close it. Keep the left leg completely still. Control. Hold it wide and pump it all the way to the end. Keep the left leg still. Amazing. Lying on your side now. Come up onto the forearm. You’re going to pump and lower. Amazing work. Straighten the leg out and turn your toe down, then back up, in a small arc.

Hold your leg up. We’re doing small pulses. Halfway, come on, come higher if you can. 15 seconds. Turn onto the other side for the first hip exercise. Come down onto your forearm. Lift, pump and lower. Straighten the leg out. Toe down, then toe up. We’ve got this. 10 seconds. Hold your leg straight. Nice and strong, now pump up. Come all the way down, if you want to. Don’t give up. 20 seconds. Amazing. Come into sitting. If you don’t have a resistance band, follow the modifications.

Come up into standing to finish. Legs are wide. Come low into a squat. Sway from side to side. Keeping the knees wide. Come really low with your butt. Like you’re doing a little dance. Push out against the resistance band. 10 seconds. You smashed it fam! Please don’t forget to click that thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. I upload daily workout videos. I don’t want you missing out. Smash that subscribe button! Don’t forget about the Gymshark launch this Thursday. It’s in a couple of days time. If you wouldn’t mind, please use my link to shop.

I would really appreciate it. Love you and see you soon.
Lilly Sabri

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