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HOURGLASS FIGURE PILATES (sculpt & tone) | 30 minute Home Workout


We are teddy what’s up guys welcome back today number three numerology oh gosh that was a train wreck welcome back to day number three of your 14 day new year’s guide how are you guys getting on how are you feeling how is your body feeling i feel like.

Everyone’s lower body is absolutely dead right now in case you’re wondering mine is dead too like literally i am in this with you day one killed me and then day two just like was the cherry on the top like literally i was sore and then i was really sore but today.

We’re going to be working different muscle groups ish so we’re still going to be doing a little bit of booty a little bit of hips but today is pilates we’re slowing it down a little bit but by no means does that mean it’s going to be easy it’s still going to be really really tough but in a slower pace way so less endurance less cardio less.

Jumping less sweating but my gosh your muscles are going to burn in places that you didn’t even know existed so i hope you’re ready for that are you let me know also don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button if you don’t mind i don’t know how many people we’ve got in here versus how many.

Likes we’ve got but i think it might be a little bit off alex so let us know um to start off with where are you guys around the world please type in 30 minutes straight through we’re doing this in sections of 10 minutes obviously three of them section number one is waste because this is hourglass.

Sculpting we’re going to be working into the waist section number two is going to be upper body shoulders okay because to create that illusion of an hourglass you need to work into the shoulders and then section number three is the hips and that’s going to work into that.

X-frame equipment wise chair if you’ve got it sleeping puppy optional i want you to grab your adjustable band if you have it and a pillow okay if you have a pillow amazing if you have a pilates ball even more amazing if you.

Don’t don’t worry they are coming soon okay tyra we’re good should we start playing music let’s get a vibe going have people liked let’s hope so 15 seconds until we get it there’s only 100 likes hit the like please it helps me reach more people just like you which means that we’re helping more people around.

The world okay guys just to the side all of the equipment we’re going to start off by warming up the body okay so spreading the butt cheeks for me relax the shoulders it’s like you’re a wrap doll okay so you’re being pulled up by a string nice and high through the crown from.

There you might just turn the music down a little bit i’m going to get you to peel the spine backwards so from upright you know tilt the pelvis backwards and create a c shape with your body pull the core in nice and tight relax the shoulders for me okay let that core do that every time.

reach lower breathe beginners hands behind you okay everyone else relax those shoulders palms facing upwards or inwards this legs in hover are going and.

Full three hands in two we’re combining rotate and the core is tight throughout okay three rotate in three and two reach rotate let’s go.

drop that foot down spread those butt cheeks again okay this time we’re gonna roll all the way back to a count of eight it’s slowing control into that c shape eight seven six five halfway four three two and one amazing you should be all.

The way down into lying now you guys we’re just going to work on imprinting the spine this is the last part of your activation warm up i want you to flatten that back into the mat pull the core in nice and tight four steps out four steps in keeping that lower back flat find the b so it’s one.

Two three four one two three ribcage i’ll show you after i’ll show you on the next exercise grab a is of your pillow you guys pop that pillow underneath the lower back okay into the pelvic area into the coccyx if.

You don’t have this no worries go with that pillow this is gonna make your exercises a lot harder because you’re unstable okay through that surface your course has to work harder come up into a single leg tabletop 90 degrees double leg tabletop that may be hard enough if you can lift.

The arms up hold hold holds amazing you’re gonna straighten through bend two you’re able guys opposite arm to legs the ball is about 100 times harder than a pillow so if you see me rolling around.

That’s why this is blood and challenging good eight left we have a double leg stretch we’re making it harder you guys straighten a bed let’s do it straighten and then straighten and bend if you can straighten tuck.

If you can’t hey good now hold them straight hold them straight you guys come up into a crunch rest your fingertips all right then forward chin tuck to chest if the neck.

Is perfect lower it down we’re crossing over okay so it’s eight cross breathe one two do.

Take that ball out take that pillow up we’re gonna go very intense obliques right now guys okay so you will remember that this was my little nephew’s favorite left reach right reach center and center we’re then going straight into bicycles okay find that feet one two three four one.

Two center center one minute left hey bye going to finish off with russian twist legs up you guys side to side 15 seconds if you can straighten the legs out make it.

Worthwhile 10 seconds come on you got this 3 your core should be awake okay we are done with that section we’re now going into shoulders then hips and then we have in the hip section a little bit of a bonus for your core okay so your core is not.

Done just yet teddy i’m going to leave your chair at some point is that okay okay grab your weight alex would you mind throwing me some 2kgs would be fabulous up onto your knees or in standing we’re gonna be working with shoulders and a little bit of back as well.

Okay 15 seconds until we start you guys first up nice and simple we’re going to be going with a combo shoulder press come in bicep curl thank you very much mr assistant so find the beat one two three four i love this song guys we have no breaks throughout this.

Shoulder circuit okay so you best believe it’s going to hurt the first exercise in my opinion is the easiest if you don’t have weights just grab water bottles or whatever you can get your hands on amazing work eight.

Seven straight into another combo arms facing down one two three four isn’t it lovely i love it i’m so sorry you guys this is really cool of me this one sold out this was the whitney simmons range which.

In my opinion is one of the nicest ever it’s so flattering if they see in the back i don’t know if you saw keep going look how nice that is oh my gosh i’m hoping they’ll restock it for you just a little interlude the leggings these may well still be in stock these are.

Oh you’re testing my knowledge right now does anyone else who’s doing this my arms are hurting know the name of these vital seamless i think four three two hold to the side huh okay get ready find that beat oh yeah oh.

Yes this is a nice little song we’re gonna patch up up up gonna give you another second okay in four in three let’s go my shoulders oh my gosh come on self talk stop motivation.

Now we’re gonna go forward use those shoulders come on up lower then into the back then we’re working with the chair shoulders let’s go twist twist.

okay bro squeeze the shoulder blades one two three keep squeezing you guys really crazy guys.

you are now going to be lying down on your mat you guys okay lying down we are working pilates into the back we’re going to start off with reverse hundreds squeezing the shoulder blades together you want to work booty as well squeeze the butt lift the legs up eyes.

Down going in four going in three really squeeze two pretend you have a sponge in between your shoulder blades you’re trying to squeeze all the water out of it good cold and hold squeeze sides look down between those shoulder blades pump the arms up.

Pretend i am standing over you right now i put my hand on your shoulder blades and i am squeezing them together you may be here i want this okay i want you squeezing i’m pumping keep going guys left hey come on four three two good pull.

Pull bring the arms into a stop position squeeze those shoulder blades again you can lower the legs down if you want to otherwise keep them up go forward squeeze side please amazing come on guys.

Is three one two three.

Three grab a hold of your chair you guys this is optional you can go without your chair if you want to my little fluffy boy i’m gonna have to take you off i okay your legs are going to go up onto.

Your chair if you want to what’s your daddy where’s your daddy oh you got his bed okay feet up onto the chair you guys entirely optional you can go with the normal plank if you want to okay feet up onto the chair hold strong in four three two up you come hold strong you guys.

Good nice seven six five reach lower reach lower oh.

one how are you guys feeling were you going to grab the other chair i would love it for the last second okay last second you guys we’re going to.

Get started okay alex is grabbing the chair so i’m just gonna activate your hips to start off with i want a moderate intensity okay so you’re gonna pop this just above your knees we’re going to start off with sideways series anyone who doesn’t have the band.

Trust me if you have the band you are going to feel this probably about 10 times harder okay it bloody kills so we’re going to start off with a really simple move just to activate your ankles are in line with your butt as you come up into a side plank which is going to work.

Into the external obliques as well the core you’re going to open and lower down let’s go thank you that looks a bit safer i would say based on how tight that was that hurt a little bit too much so i’ve loosened up a tiny bit okay coming into side work serious guys.

We’re actually going to start off with the one we did for activation the other day we come in foot flex pump back down and pump back so you’re coming at a diagonal across the body and the core is super tight.

Three three i’m so sorry come on.

five come back into neutral ankles in line with butt okay we’re gonna open flick close lower four three two let’s go one two three four is.

oh toe down heel up so you’re angling the foot down okay this is gonna burn up.

How are you guys four three two real bad four three two one i’m sorry teddy that just really hot ow three it’s gonna hurt to lie down one.

Oh let’s go there right back left that foot all the way back okay you love me slow it down i know this is quite fast if you need to slow it down control that movement a little bit more i’m going to really want to feel the butt okay.

every day four minutes left come on a bit higher one click.

this is up.

It helps when i give myself for those of you who don’t know this song it is a tune and the beat is about to drop oh.

oh my gosh we have a little bit more booty and then we’re finishing up literally with a sprint on abs okay i sprint on core and waist okay plant your feet onto your chair if you have one tighten your bands.

As far as you feel you can cope okay i’m going there all right keep those heels in lift those toes come up we’re going to pummel out out out huh.

up five oh guys pick your favorite song from alex i’m guessing probably to fly alex.

I don’t know what do you think and we are going to do our run out on abs and then we are done okay the run out on abs is two minutes long and we have 30 seconds on each exercise and that is it okay what are we going with i’m hoping you guys voted for two fly.

Okay we’re gonna go in 15 seconds you guys we have two minutes straight abs 30 seconds each starting off with a ration twist okay we’ve got a few levels here level one just side to side level two side to side legs up.

Level three straighten the opposite leg this is the highest level a little bit crazy three underneath the lower back straighten.

Those legs up flex the feet flat crunch is oh my gosh that was killer now that is not the only thing i want.

You to do today you do have your finishes is the finisher in the playlist uh yes yep so the playlist has been put together i’m just going to show you where the playlist is now and i know a few of you are asking about hip flexors and how you can turn off your hip flexors and turn on your core instead.

And another thing that’s come up is both hold what is the correct position for boat hold so i’m going to be doing some tutorials on my instagram page so please please head over to my instagram i’m either going to do it on lily sabri or lean with lily check out both and they get saved on.

There anyway i’m doing like extra stuff on instagram to accompany this guide if that makes sense so and it’s a good way of me keeping it there it’ll be easy for you to find a playlist okay here’s the playlist how did you find it by the way guys.

How was it so this is we’re right here let me stay back or forward you can go back sister okay so there that is playlist there and the one that says dash three at the top is today’s playlist and you literally just go into it and that’s the other this is today’s workout just here.

And this is the other one that i recommend to go with it which is an arms one which off the top of my memory six minute very intense arm okay please stretch if you want some more stretches that are kind of quick or the breath work again.

That’s on my instagram page i actually did a 30 minute breath work yesterday which i loved i don’t know if you liked it it’s like it’s something that’s really really helped with my anxiety and calming me down and stuff and yeah i know i don’t know where you are tuning in from around the world but i.

Know the uk has just gone into full lockdown um and i think quite a few places in europe are in a similar situation so um yeah i just i’m doing everything i can to help you through this i know it is rubbish like i know it’s really really challenging we had a full lock.

Down here and it was it was tough from a mental health perspective like really challenging so i just want you to know i’m here with you every step of the way i’m giving you as much free content as i physically can you’re getting a new recipe to your email tomorrow.

To keep your eyes peeled for that it was a yummy pokey bowl that i made earlier in the week and so yeah i just i love you guys so much we hit 1.7 million today which is obviously insane like alex 1.7 million we have grown one million 665 000 subscribers in the last 12 months.

That is mental um so thank you just thank you for being part of this journey i promise to keep showing up for you guys i promise to be there for you make sure you join the private facebook group if you want extra support the girls in there are phenomenal and so inspiring and so encouraging and yeah i just i love you guys so much.

So thank you for tuning in again and enjoy the rest and i’ll see you on monday for another live but i’ll be seeing you every day anyway and yeah i love you guys loads is that everything just oh gymshark 66 what was your guys goal by the way did you write it down did you print it out did you do a picture.

If you haven’t please please please make sure you check out the gym talk 66. mine is to be able to do a handstand in 66 days i doubt it will be a freestanding handstand because i’m absolutely dreadful like i’m so bad like there’s good and then there’s the other end of the spectrum i’m all the way down there because i’m so scared of being.

Upside down for it so yeah wish me luck on that um but yeah make sure you take on your challenges for gymshark 66 and yeah it’s just a really really good way of staying accountable and having a goal that doesn’t even necessarily have to be fitness it could be mental health as well all right guys i love you very much bye.

From a sleepy puppy and i i’m gonna show you him as a little goodbye because you you my little burrito doggie are so gorgeous aren’t you hi everyone bye.
Lilly Sabri

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