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HOURGLASS ABS in 10 Days | 10 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is targeting those hourglass abs. Sculpting into that small waist. And also, working the muffin top area. It’s just 10 minutes long, and I want you to do this for 10 days in a row. I can guarantee you’re going to start to see results. Ladies, make sure you are taking progress photos, you won’t regret it. Look at these photos! Also, comment down below. Let’s support each other. Tag me in your stories, and let’s do this! Start with the right foot, hooked behind the left knee. Open you leg out, then crunch up. Nice and high. Now, staying up there, and crunching. Feeling it into your waist.

Good work. Staying on your side, you are now going to straighten your upper leg. You’re going to lift the leg up to the sky, then crunch up again. Really working into your waist. Lift up, and crunch. Lift your body up, then lower and lift your leg. Really feel that work into your waist. Good! Onto your back. From there, we are going to even you up afterwards. Both legs up. To 90 degrees. Come up into a crunch, then bicycles for 8. Good. We are now taking our legs lower, then work there. Good work. Up into sitting now. Legs are long across the mat. Bend the left knee. Right leg is straight. Finger tips by your temples.

Roll back. Crunch across the body, and back. Hand on the floor, if you need it. We’re now going to hover that leg.Crunch across and straighten. Good work. You should be feeling the burn! Going onto our other side now. Right knee’s bent. Left leg is straight. Left fingertips by your temples. Let’s go. Now, hovering that leg. Crunch across. Good work.Both feet are now flat. Wow, my core is on fire! We’re going to roll back. We are going to speed punch. We’ve got this. Let’s go. Nice and fast.

Good. Up and lower again. Up and lower. Really punching across the body. Up and lower. We are over halfway. Good work, swing your legs around. We are now going to even you out. We want the underneath leg straight. The upper leg, hooked behind the back of the knee. Arm out. Lift and lower. And crunch. Keeping your foot on the floor if you can. Really lifting the upper body up, to feel the waist kicking in. Crunching up from there. Elbow towards the knee. Good work. From there, we’re going to straighten the leg out.

We’re now going to go with a side crunch, then lift and lower. Keeping the core tight. Let’s go. Now, hold up, then lift and lower. Good really controlled movements. Great work. Onto your backs. Wow that feels good. We are combining two movements. Hundreds and singles legs stretch. Keep your lower back flat. Okay, now double legs if you can. Great work! Up into sitting. Last exercise is a boat hold. But we are going to mix it up, as we go along. Follow me.

Roll back, pull that core in nice and tight. We’re just starting off by lifting the legs. Good. Lift both legs up. Russian twists. Now, hundreds. If you can, straighten the legs. Please do smash the thumbs up button! Also, hit subscribe, if you enjoyed that workout. I upload daily workout videos, and I don’t want you missing it. Also, drop a comment down below. I’ll see you tomorrow for another one. Well done squad.
Lilly Sabri

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